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Hublot enters the world of Ferrari


Hublot has become the watchmaking partner of Ferrari. This is no simple agreement for
creating a tie-in product, for licensing or sponsorship. lt is a comprehensive agreement
covering ali the activities of Ferrari and Hublot, both in terms of brand image and the
commercial activities of both companies.

Since it is a genuine exchange between the two brands, a pooling of resources and
information, a win-win agreement, which was just announced on 5 November 2011 jointly by
Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot and Luca Cordera di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari
SpA, at the Mugello international circuit near Florence, the theatre of the Ferrari World Finals,

the traditional event rounding off the Prancing Stallion's sports season.

So this will involve not just the creation of watch collections, operating a licence or sponsorship
agreement. Hublot has become the exclusive watchmaking partner in the full range of Ferrari's
activities. And these are legion: "Official Watch" of Ferrari, "Official Timekeeper" of Ferrari,
"Official Timekeeper" of Scuderia Ferrari, "Official Watch" of Scuderia Ferrari, "Official
Timekeeper" of the Ferrari Challenge, and partners in Ferrari special events. And it ali kicks off
today at Mugello with the world finals, soon to be followed by operations on the emerging
markets such as China and the Middle East. .. with which Hublot will be closely associated.

lndeed Ferrari is one of the leading luxury brands on the Chinese market, and Hublot is starting
to establish itself in China, with 3 boutiques at present and 12 openings planned by the end of
2012. The benefits are obvious, as is the complementarity of resources.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, President de Ferrari S.p.A, commented: "Exclusivity,
technology, passion, style: Hublot and Ferrari share many core values and this new partnership
between two such highly prestigious brands is an important milestone for both. Being here at
Mugello with so many of our clients, tifosi and hundreds of stunning Ferraris has provided us
with the perfect opportunity to announce the start of an ali-round collaboration that will see
Hublot flan king us in our activities in the coming years".

"This collaboration, rich in a host of synergies, gives Hublot a massive boast along the road,"
added Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot.

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