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Hublot, Ferrari Official Watch, Partner of the Ferrari Tribute 2012


138 Ferrari – all carefully selected by Ferrari and built between 1958 and 2012 - were assembled last weekend for the occasion,
each vehicle painted in Hublot's colours.
As Official Watch of Ferrari and its various ventures in Italy and throughout the world, Hublot was delighted to be partnering the Italian constructor for the Ferrari Tribute 2012.

No fewer than 138 Ferrari vehicles were brought together to celebrate this exceptional "Ferrari Tribute 2012". The cars – all built between 1958 and 2012 - were chosen by a committee of excellence appointed specially for the occasion and in accordance with clearly-defined criteria: year of production, model, list of trophies and prizes won by the car, place of origin, etc. They were all painted in Hublot's colours for the event.
Programme highlights... Head to Brescia on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May to admire the cars on show and the parade.
Starts on Friday 18th May. First car departs at 8.20am. First car scheduled

to arrive in Rome at 7.50pm, public parade in the evening.
Saturday 19th May, first car departs for Brescia at 5.30am with stops at Modena and Maranello. First car scheduled to arrive in Brescia around 8.45pm.
Sunday 11am, "Ferrari Tribute 2012" honouring ceremony in Dezenzano followed by a cocktail party.

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