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Some might consider Football Manager, Jose Mourinho, Football royalty; a perfect fit for the aristocracy within which he resides, but the husband, father, brother, and friend will tell you he is simply “A Special One.” Born in Portugal on January 26, 1963, Mourinho dreamed he would one day follow the footsteops of his footballer father, José Manuel Mourinho Félix. Fate would not have it that way, prompting Mourinho to receive a degree in sports science from the Technical University of Lisbon and head to the school system to mold young athletes as a physical education teacher. Mourinho missed the pitch and found that his gift, in some ways more rare than the footballer, was his ability to mold young players into stars, players into a team, and teams into champions! Beginning this journey at Benefica, with increasingly successful stops at clubs like FC Porto, Chelsea FC, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, the legendary manager made his way back to Chelsea in 2013 where the

Manager feels right at home.

Today, lining his shelves are 2 Champions Leagues trophies, multiple leagues at each club and two trebles at FC Porto and Inter Milan respectively. He is arguably the most celebrated football manager of his generation. He has won many prestigious awards ranging from International Sports Press Association Best Manager in the World to the prestigious FIFA Ballon d'Or.

World renowned for his self-confidence, tactical maneuvers, immaculate style and ability to perform what many would call ‘miracles’, what drew Hublot to the iconic manager, was that along his storied path to greatness, he has never lost touch with his roots and credits family as paramount to his success.

“First, I am a family man and then a football manager, but somewhere on the list of my many passions- I am a watch fanatic! I am honored to be part of a brand that upholds such similar values to me. Weather it is the strong family philosophy, the desire to give back to the community, or the great technical and mechanical aspects of each and every watch, the more I learn about Hublot, the more proud I become to be their newest Ambassador!”

Mourinho is a true Cinderella Story, coming a long way from his stint as a Physical Education Teacher in Lisbon, but for him, that is where molding young athletes began… making him truly “The Special One”.

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