The 3 company principles

As a Swiss watch brand which symbolises the link between respect for horological tradition and 21st century creative ingenuity, Hublot never wavers from the three fundamental principles that guide both its management and employees on a daily basis:

To be creative and innovative:

to be pioneers, to be unique, to be different - Hublot fosters creative flair as a guiding principle. As one of the company's intrinsic values, this flair underpins the search for new materials, the spirit of invention and the use of cutting-edge techniques, highlighting the brand's pioneering approach while retaining a respect for Switzerland's great horological traditions.

To preserve the image and integrity of the company, to be a socially responsible corporate citizen:

Hublot's actions demonstrate that commercial success and economic goals can go hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility. Respect, honesty, transparency, compliance with the law... Hublot is committed to ensuring a strict respect for the rights, as well as the physical, moral, cultural and religious integrity, of every man and woman with whom the company maintains a working relationship. In addition, it guarantees them the opportunity for personal development and working conditions that respect the dignity of each individual in a safe and pleasant environment. Hublot's commitment also extends to compliance with applicable legislation concerning health and safety, and the choice of suppliers and partners who share the same ethos. This principle also applies to observance of the Kimberley Process, which aims to stem the flow of diamonds originating from armed conflicts, as well as a wider concern for the environment through a commitment to comply with national and international legislation and ongoing assessment of the company's impact. Hublot's environmental initiatives are also demonstrated through the commitment of the LVMH Group, which in 2001 produced its "LVMH Environmental Charter". This was reinforced in 2003 when the Group joined the United Nations Global Compact. Under this initiative, signatories must apply and promote ten principles relating to human rights, employment and the environment.

To strive for excellence, to aspire to be the best:

Excellence is a quest, a state of mind, a driving force. From the design stage to the finished products and their associated services, the quest for excellence unites each individual at every stage of the process. The challenge to achieving excellence in watchmaking is to ensure the material, design and functions are subjected to the demands of precision and rigour, the safeguards of exceptional quality. The result is a timeless, durable product. This principle also extends beyond the products to the boutiques, product presentation, customer care, after-sales service, etc.: the aim is always to offer our customers the very best quality. This means constantly improving, never being completely satisfied, working tirelessly to develop our skills and generating new ideas.

Respect for the code of ethics and these three fundamental principles enables Hublot to conduct itself as an honest and fair operator within the watchmaking market. The cornerstone of its business and development, it also informs its corporate culture, forming the foundations for its present and the guarantee of its future.

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