• A/h

    Vibrations of the balance per hour. Two vibrations make the well-known tick-tock sound of the mechanical watch, known as one oscillation.

  • Alarm

    Watch fitted with a ringing mechanism that is automatically released at the required time.

  • Amplitude (Vibration)

    Angle of oscillation for the balance.

  • Analog or Analogue

    A watch displaying time indications by means of hands.

  • Antimagnetic watches

    Watches designed to be especially resistant to magnetic fields. Non-magnetic nickel alloys are used for the balance springs and a soft iron core may surround the movement.

  • Antireflection, Antireflective

    Superficial glass treatment assuring the dispersion of reflected light. Better results are obtained if both sides are treated, but in order to avoid scratches on the upper layer, the treatment of the inner surface is preferred.

  • Automat, Automatic

    Synonym for a watch with automatic winding. The movement of your wrist makes the rotor (oscillating weight) turn, thereby winding the mainspring of the watch movement.

  • Automaton

    Figures, placed on the dial or case of watches, provided with parts of the body or other elements moving at the same time as the sonnerie (s) strikes. The moving parts are linked, through an aperture on the dial or caseback, with the sonnerie hammers (s) striking a gong.

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