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Amethyst is a variety of diaphanous to translucent violet quartz (silicon dioxide), whose colour is due to traces of iron.
The word comes from the Greek a,privative, and methustes, intoxicated, i.e. "not intoxicated". Legend has it that Bacchus, the God of wine, one day came across the beautiful nymph Amethyst and pursued her so arduously, that, fearing that she would not be able to escape Bacchus' attentions, she called upon Diana for rescue, who transformed her into a pure, cold crystal. Bacchus, in furious frustration, poured his cup of wine onto this crystal, giving it a violet colour. Later coming to his senses, Bacchus granted it the ability to protect the wearer from intoxication. Indeed in a violet coloured cup, water appears to be the colour of wine, so that anyone drinking from such a cup seems to be drinking wine; they thereby avoid getting drunk, which is the virtue attributed to amethyst.
The main deposits are located in Brazil in the Rio Grande do Sul region, in France in the Mont Blanc massif, the Vosges and the Auvergne, as well as in India, Russia, the United States, Namibia and Laos…

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