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King Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna


Just 10 pieces. Unique, exceptional. « Exclusive Limited edition for Brazil »

10 tourbillons, each of which carry a unique case-back displaying an image, a date, a place and highlight in the career of Ayrton Senna, personally selected by the driver's sister and mother.
The tourbillon – one of the “grandes complications” in watchmaking, housed in the powerful and dynamic design of the King Power 48mm.

These 10 pieces perfectly demonstrate the fusion of tradition and modernity.

The creation of these 10 unique and exceptional tourbillons gives Hublot the opportunity to pay tribute to the extraordinary career of Ayrton Senna. In close collaboration with Viviane Senna, his sister, and the driver's mother, 10 highlights – an image, a date, a place - of Ayrton

Senna's career have been carefully selected to be displayed on the back of each watch:

1."Pure driving": His first go kart.

2. Donington 1983 - "God gave me this chance": Ayrton sitting in Williams, his first F1, test.

3. Monaco 1984 - "Arrival in F1": Ayrton waving his arm as he crosses the line in the Toleman, with spray exploding from the car behind him.

4. Estoril 1985 - "First win": Ayrton, both hands raised outside the car, seatbelts flying.

5. Suzuka 1988 - "World Champion": Close up of Ayrton's face through open visor, crying uncontrollably, arm raised.

6. Brasil 1991 - "Victory at home": Ayrton's face straining with pain, just

managing to hold the trophy above his head.

7. Japan 1991 - "Triple Champion" : Ayrton on podium, pouring Champagne over himself. 8. Donington 1993 - "The greatest drive of all time": McLaren No.

8 with water spraying from it.

9. Monaco 1993 - "Prince of Monaco": Ayrton holding up Monaco trophy (for 6th time).

10. Adelaide 1993 - "The Final Victory": Ayrton on the podium, emptying a bottle of champagne over himself.

The sapphire crystal features the photo of each moment in transfer form. The carbon case-back is laser engraved with a yellow text specifying the place, date and selected moment in Ayrton Senna's career, along with the number of the watch, and the "Hublot Pièce Unique" signature.

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