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When Hublot and JMC Lutherie make beautiful music resonate together


Hublot and JMC Lutherie have joined forces to launch a special series known as "Soundboard JMC All Black". For the first time, this soundboard, which offers exceptional, unique sound quality, is combining the high tech materials Nomex and carbon with famed 350-year old Swiss spruce resonance wood.

The Swiss company JMC Lutherie, based in Vallée de Joux, inventor of the famous Soundboard, the spruce resonance wood speaker, has created a special series for Hublot which integrates woven carbon fibre and Nomex honeycomb. The combination of a precious material such as 350-year old Swiss spruce tonewood harvested in the Vallée de Joux by the renowned tree feller with composite materials provides both beauty of sound and a high level of technical expertise.

This speaker, or rather, this work of art or even acoustic sculpture,

allows music to be heard and felt at virtually the same volume across the entire open space thanks to its omnidirectional plane wave, just like a musical instrument. In fact, it is actually the membrane of the spruce tonewood starting to vibrate which literally "plays" the music, giving a real feeling of being at a concert or having musicians in the room. A base has been specially designed to facilitate installation and export to all countries.

This tonewood speaker combines the tradition of centuries-old traditional lute-making techniques and the latest audio technologies, validated at the EPFL technical university and the HEIG-VD engineering school. The result is perfectly in line with the concept of fusion which is so dear to Hublot.

Created at the request of Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot, it will enthral all enthusiasts and lovers of fine objects. With Hublot, Swiss

spruce resonant wood shall resonate in the four corners of the world.

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