Clube de Regatas do Flamengo

Omni-sports club based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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It is a story which has never stopped being written in Rio de Janeiro since 1895… a true football icon, a cult, a living legend. It is Brazil’s most popular football club, one of the most titled clubs in the country both nationally and internationally. In 2007, Rio de Janeiro’s Mayor named it “the Red and Black Nation” in the heritage of his city! It is the “Clube de Regatas do Flamengo” (better known as Flamengo), THE Brazilian sports club, based in Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1895. In the beginning, it was created to compete in the rowing regattas, a sport practiced by the city’s elite. The founders decided to move the anniversary date of its

foundation to November 15 to coincide with Brazil’s National Holiday. The football section was only opened in 1911, with players practicing on Rio’s Russel beach, and thus began a legendary story in the world of the round ball: a record 32 times Champion of Rio, 6 times Champion of Brazil, winner of the Intercontinental Cup and the Copa Libertadores in 1981. Considered to be Brazil’s most popular club (it has never been relegated from the First Division of the Brazilian Championship since it was founded), the year 2000 saw Flamengo listed in ninth place in FIFA’s classification of the twentieth century’s greatest clubs. All the greatest Brazilian players have played for Flamengo.

And the legend continues today with superstar Ronaldinho who led the team to victory yet again in the Taça Guanabara (first round of the Rio Championship) last February.

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