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Three years’ research was needed to produce the strap of the Hublot watch and reveal the exceptional properties of the noble material of natural rubber.
Processed according to a formula exclusive to Hublot, rubber boasts such aesthetic and technical qualities that it alone was judged suitable to match the elegant lines of the first Hublot watch.
Incomparably supple and light, the 2 strands making up the strap adapt instantly to any wrist, delicately and snugly embracing its curves and offering everyone a degree of comfort unique in its kind. The exceptional properties and the unalterable distinction of its black rubber, natural, matt and velvety, are only exceeded by its resistance, further accentuated by the incorporation of steel reinforcing strips at both ends. Able to withstand strong traction, the strap seems to become regenerated with daily contact with the skin, without tearing or becoming tarnished.
Both of the two strands making up the strap, some of them delicately perfumed with a subtle vanilla-scented fragrance, bear the inscription of its length and the reference of the model for which they are designed; a guarantee of exclusivity for a strap whose restrained elegance is the key to its great refinement.

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