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Big Bang Aero JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE™ Officially Launched


The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer HUBLOT never ceases its exploration into “The Art of Fusion”! Today in Beijing, gathering in the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE BEIJING at Ch’ien Men 23, media and honorable guests witnessed HUBLOT’s stunning launch of its latest Big Bang Aero JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE Limited Edition.

This HUBLOT’s unique collaboration reshapes the high-end lifestyle with its unique perception of creativity. In a limited edition of 25 pieces, the series of watch is now exclusively for sales in China, initiating an ultimately enjoyable journey into dignity and honor.

Symbolizing with “The Art of Fusion”, this is the first time that HUBLOT has established a partnership with JOHNNIE WALKER, the world’s number one spirit brand (Source: Impact Databank the world’s his is the first ). With almost two centuries of blending heritage, JOHNNIE WALKER has been pioneering luxury Scotch Whisky culture around the world with JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE, with locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul. This growing network of JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSES fast becoming the world’s largest embassies for luxury Scotch Whisky. Each location was specially

created to encapsulate the JOHNNIE WALKER brand experience and immerse consumers in the brand’s history, provenance and pioneering spirit.

HUBLOT and JOHNNIE WALKER House’s crossover collaboration, Big Bang Aero JOHNNIE WALKER House Limited Edition , incorporates the Swiss Tradition of high watchmaking philosophy with the impeccable Scottish vintage skills. It pays tribute to the well-respected craftsmanship as well as dedication in a unique manner, blending the pioneering spirit of “keep walking” with the ambition of creating future.

The luxury fusion of sense and sensitivity inspire the Big Bang Aero JOHNNIE WALKER House Limited Edition. It has the most iconic Big Bang design with 44mm diameter black ceramic case and Aero skeleton movement, unveiling its squeletonized and beautiful mechanics. Black ceramic to represent the distinctive smokey flavor of whisky, paired with an Alligator skin dual strap and copper Hands signifying Whisky Copper Stills used in the distillation process, with a sapphir dial revealing the mechanical movement of the watch. The JOHN WALKER & SONS™ monogram is elegantly displayed on the face of the watch,

while the visage of John Walker, founder of the brand, is echoed on the back case. This is yet another symbol of the timeless partnership and shared values between the luxury houses.   

Loic Biver, General Manager of HUBLOT Greater China said: “ The appreciation of time and the appreciation of whisky have a lot in common. Both embody the elites’ pursuit of excellent quality and art of enjoying life. I hope the cross-border cooperation between HUBLOT and JOHNNIE WALKER House will lead a new wave in the luxury field! "

There are a handful of luxury houses that share our uncompromising vision of progressive modernity while holding true to heritage and craftsmanship .” said Lawrence Law, Global General Manager, JOHNNIE WALKER House, Diageo Reserve . “JOHNNIE WALKER House has given us a platform to create bespoke experiences for our luxury consumers and partners. The partnership with Hublot once again brings to life our focus on product innovation and creation of limited edition collections in order to set new standards in luxury whisky experiences.” 

JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSES are an exploration of the brand’s heritage, inviting guests to embark on a multi-sensory mentoring journey. The
Houses are a celebration of a luxurious whisky experiences across a spread of fine-dining, art and music that inspire progressive individuals to come together and create new cultural expressions globally. Innovation is integral to the Houses with unique, exclusive whisky collections are available at each location. In addition, selected patrons can work with the Master Blender to create their own personalized blends.

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