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Hublot Unveils World’s First Pop-Up Store In Singapore


The world’s first Hublot pop-up store has been unveiled at the main atrium of Paragon Shopping Mall in the heart of Orchard Road on September 14th in Singapore.

Collaborating with leading Singapore design extraordinaire, Mr Chris Lee of Asylum, the pop-up store is a colossal structure that fuses art and functionality, inspiring a design that pulsates with the energy of Hublot. The Hublot pop-up store will run for ten days from 14 September to 23 September to coincide with the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix which runs from 21 – 23 September.

The Hublot pop-up store will showcase for the first time in Singapore, the most comprehensive and exciting range of Hublot’s prized limited editions and collection totalling an astounding value of around US$20 million. This includes the famous US$5 Million Big Bang, which is touted to be the most expensive timepiece in the world.

Together with its other illustrious family members such as the $1.2 Million Big Bang and Baby Million Bang, the “royal million trio” will be presented for an unadulterated view of the stunning bejewelled timepieces. In addition, a full range of Hublot inspired lifestyle gears like the All Black Carbon Fibre Bicycle, All Black Skis, All Black Carbon Fibre Arm Chair, etc will also be presented at the pop-up store.

The Design Inspiration : Taking advantage of the majestic void space in Paragon, Chris Lee has designed an art installation aptly entitled BIG BANG, which spans across two floors, sweeping impressively across the area. Tens of thousands of “black gems” rain down from above, creating an illusion of a store which has popped up, inviting a sense of excitement and wonder. When asked about the inspiration and thinking behind the Hublot pop-up store concept, Chris Lee explains, “The momentary quality of a pop-up store suggests an ephemeral, fleeting point in time caught in a still image. To illustrate the legacy of the Hublot brand and its innovations, Asylum seeks to recreate its notable paradoxical

philosophy with an illusory space; magically solid yet porous and structurally monumental yet light.

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