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Hublot Event kicks off Countdown to FIFA World Cup


VIP Guests tour Manufacture

For Hublot, the first ever watchmaker to foray onto the pitch, keeping up with the sheer scale of the FIFA World Cup 2014 will be no mean feat. Not to mention a unique opportunity to act as an ambassador for 21st-century Switzerland. On 12th May we brought Brazilian football and flavours to our Swiss headquarters in Nyon for an afternoon event to show that at Hublot, passion goes hand in hand with expertise and innovation.

Brazilian football and flavours

With T minus 30 days to the FIFA World Cup, the Hublot headquarters were in high spirits. Brazilian music and dance kicked off the afternoon as our distinguished guests made their entrance in the company of Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and President of LVMH’s Watch Division, and Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. Brazilian reporters were well represented among the strong media presence in attendance.
His Excellency Igor Kipman, Brazilian Ambassador to Switzerland, extended greetings from his country before taking a guided tour of the Manufacture. Luis Felipe Scolari, the legendary manager of the Brazilian national team, was all smiles, his laid-back demeanour setting a warm tone for the afternoon.

Guided tour of the Manufacture

Ricardo Guadalupe concluded the tour of the Manufacture by presenting Scolari with the King Power watch specially designed for the football coach and named in his honour.

Scolari keenly observed the Magic Gold production processes, fawned over the perfectly pitched chime of the minute repeater, and listened rapt as watchmaking techniques were explained to him, clearly impressed by the expert craftsmanship on show. Scolari has thrown himself into his role as friend of the brand, and there was plenty of this jolly persona to go around as he took the time to chat to a watchmaker and jovially pose with one of the
ladies from the workshop.

We share our passion and values with football

We had the chance to hear from the wildly popular coach during the press conference that followed the tour of the Manufacture. The man fondly referred to as Felipão in his native Brazil – known as Big Phil to the rest of the world – answered questions with modesty, humour and sincerity. He spoke of his hopes and expectations for his team, noting: “You can’t build anything without a team.” This team spirit and sense of belonging to a family is exactly what Scolari has in common with Hublot.

Ricardo Guadalupe, presenting the coach with his watch numbered in the Brazilian colours, hoped it would bring him luck in the World Cup. Scolari quipped that even if he lost the first match, he would hold onto the watch until his team eventually secured a win!
At Hublot we are honoured to count among our friends such charismatic personalities as Scolari and Pelé who embody our core values and share our
passion for football and for sportsmanship in general.

Building a Swiss image from scratch

Our Brazilian-themed event was also an apt moment to announce the new partnership between Hublot and the Swiss foreign affairs board, Présence Suisse. Ricardo Guadalupe spoke proudly of how the watchmaker was honoured to have been chosen as an ambassador for Switzerland’s image in Rio de Janeiro. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity stands as testament to our dedication and our embracing of technology and innovation: in a few short years Hublot has come to embody the spirit of modern-day Switzerland.
Nicolas Bideau, Head of Présence Suisse, noted that since Brazilians hold no particular preconceptions of Switzerland, the task in hand was to build the country’s image from scratch, unburdened by clichés. To this end, the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs is spearheading a massive PR campaign, and was happy to bring in Hublot – a shining example of the blend of competence and creativity, tradition and modernity, that characterises
21st-century Switzerland – as its exclusive partner watchmaker for the World Cup.
In Rio, Présence Swiss will be based at a House of Switzerland pavilion, while our Brazilian home will be a venue branded with the Hublot colours. These accommodations promise plenty of scope to share spaces and co-host events with a view to showcasing Swiss culture and pursuits.

Hublot loves football

Jean-Claude Biver’s closing words brimmed with his characteristic enthusiasm. He cautioned that people tend to forget little words like “thank you”, “love” and “passion”. But these simple words are the very essence of life and human relationships; without them none can succeed in life, not a team and not a company like Hublot.

One simple statement of allegiance is enough to communicate our passion and values to the world: Hublot loves football.

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