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The largest Hublot Boutique in China opens in Xiamen to great fanfare Art


Hublot, one of the leading Swiss watch brands within the LVMH Group, with worldwide renown as a luxury brand, recently opened its largest boutique in China to great fanfare in Xiamen’s top luxury shopping area, China Town. This marks another milestone in Hublot’s excellent progression into the Chinese market.

At the same time, the nationwide roadshow and exhibition of “20 years of Ferrari in China”, jointly supported by Hublot, also arrives in Xiamen. This also coincides with an exhibition of a feast of watches with the theme of “the Art of Fusion”. Hublot’s classic legends– Big Bang collection, Classic Fusion collection, King Power collection – are all on display. Timepieces combining the traditional Swiss art of watchmaking and modern cutting-edge technology are revealed to this city, known as “the pearl of the sea”.

Hublot’s largest boutique in China opens its doors in Xiamen – Hublot, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is the first Swiss prestige watch brand to fuse precious metals with raw materials such as natural rubber. Its founding marked a revolution in the watch industry, both in terms of the materials used in watchmaking and of the unique aesthetic concepts interpreted by the watches it creates.

Hublot is faithful to the brand’s concept of “the Art of Fusion”, infusing the Swiss watchmaking industry with 21st century creativity and vision, whilst remaining loyal to its traditions. Not only that, under the leadership of Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, the Chairman of Hublot and a legendary figure in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Hublot has gained worldwide fame through its multiple marketing strategies which have global

impact. As a top sports watch, Hublot has taken the lead, cooperating closely with elite partners from the football, F1™, skiing, yachting, basketball, polo and golf worlds. Footballing legend Maradona, world champion sprinter Usain Bolt and NBA superstar Dwyane Wade are all members of the Hublot family.

Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” and the broadminded spirit of Xiamen illuminate each other. On this beautiful Heron Island, the traditional culture of southern Fujian perfectly combines with the taste for high end fashion of an international metropolis. Hublot has chosen the top luxury shopping area in Xiamen to open its 7th Chinese boutique at the primary store in the busiest commercial street in China Town. This boutique covers an area of over 200 square meters and is currently the largest in China. The design of the boutique follows the brand’s “Art of Fusion” concept. The famous black that characterizes the Hublot brand is subtly combined with discreet, luxurious, high tech elements.

The courage to fuse precious materials within a tiny space is Hublot’s signature. This concept also plays a prominent role in the boutique’s decoration – a façade of black stone, leather furnishings, counters of glass and metal fixtures are integrated with high tech details. Of course, private VIP rooms and experienced professional staff members bring a love of fine watches and an outstanding shopping experience to the distinguished guests and watch collectors.

Mr. Loic Biver, Brand Director for Hublot China said: “Xiamen plays a very considerable role as the most important luxury market in southeastern China. We are extremely honored to open Hublot’s biggest boutique in China here. Its opening, I believe, will surely provide high-end consumers and watch collectors in the whole southeastern area with a place of enjoyment where they can gain a deeper understanding of Hublot and appreciate the artistic treasures of fine watchmaking.”

Hublot has opened 55 boutiques in the world’s leading luxury shopping areas so far, six of which are located in China. In the next six months, the numbers of boutiques is expected to reach 10. Hublot’s rapid development in China clearly illustrates the huge potential the Chinese market holds for the luxury watch brand that has already become a benchmark in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Composing legends together with leading race car manufacturer Ferrari – In 2011, Hublot entered into a worldwide 360 degree strategic agreement with leading race car manufacturer Ferrari. These two big luxury brands share the same values. They not only hold common views on technique, materials and design, but also cooperate with each other in brand marketing, customer services and activities. This cooperation has broken with tradition and taken the watchmaking industry by storm.

In order to pay tribute to this historic cooperation, Hublot has perfectly fused innovative watchmaking techniques with the winning racing spirit of Ferrari to launch a limited series of watches which epitomizes the DNA shared by the two brands – sports, performance and technique –through the design details, materials and craftsmanship.

This year, another timepiece jointly created by Hublot and Ferrari, the brand new limited “Big Bang Ferrari” watch, combines sports, performance and technique. Its appearance is inspired by Ferrari, bursting with the impact and passion of time and speed. In addition to this, Hublot has used “Magic Gold” – the strongest gold ever created, exclusively and fully developed by Hublot and which marks a new era in watch materials – as a material for the Big Bang Ferrari for the first time. The UNICO movement it houses, which is developed by Hublot, ensures the watch is another exemplary collaboration between the two brands.

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