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Usain Bolt today raced in a charity event in front of the Hublot manufacture


Usain Bolt today took part in a charity race organised by Hublot, for whom he is the "fastest ambassador in the world"! He was racing against 10 young athletes from the region, whose aim was to reach the finish line before him, with Hublot agreeing to pay US$10,000 to the Usain Bolt Foundation for every child who crossed the line before the "Lightning Bolt". His sprint in front of the Hublot manufacture, and above all the children's motivation, raised the sum of 100'000 US$.

At 11 am exactly, the fastest man in the world took off along a specially constructed track in front of Hublot's manufacture, the company for whom he is an ambassador. During his visit to the watch firm's workshops, Usain Bolt agreed to give a demonstration of his incredible speed, watched by Jean-Claude Biver and staff from the manufacture, and a large crowd of guests. He took part with the aim of raising funds for the Usain Bolt Foundation, which supports a number of projects in Jamaica focussing on education, health and development, and contributes in particular to actions carried out by "United Way of Jamaica". He pitted himself against

children aged from 3 and a half to 13 years selected from across the region, who were highly motivated to beat Usain to the finish line as Hublot had agreed to pay US$10,000 to the Foundation for each child who crossed the line before him! Of course, the young sprinters were given a head start of several metres depending on their level and the length of their legs...

At the gun, Usain Bolt shot forward like a bolt of lightning, giving the amazed and highly privileged public a demonstration of his extraordinary abilities. He encouraged the children during their race, and they all finished before him. Usain did not attempt to beat his record today, but he did share his own very precious time... and thanks to his generosity, a cheque for 100’000 US$ was handed over to the Usain Bolt Foundation to contribute towards helping the underprivileged. And he will be forever etched in the memories of the young competitors blown away by this experience!

Dartfish also very generously contributed to the event by allowing those who wished to practise their start and compare themselves virtually with

the "Lightning Bolt", thanks to software which superimposes filmed images. This system used by Usain Bolt in his training sessions was offered to the public for the first time during an event!
After this spectacular and highly emotive event, the champion visited the Hublot watchmakers and then spent a working session with Jean-Claude Biver and the manufacture's Products Department, with the aim of developing the "Usain Bolt" watch that Hublot is currently creating.

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