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Citrine stone is a rare yellow type of crystalline quartz. This semi-precious stone ranges in Colour from pale yellow to golden brown. Named from French word “Citron”, meaning “lemon”, the citrine is said to be first appeared in Scotland, France, Spain and Hungary. Becoming a rare stone, it is now most found in Brazil, as well as in Bolivia or in several African countries. The stone is also said to have healing properties and several health benefits.

黄水晶石是一种罕见的黄色晶状石英。 这种半宝石的颜色呈淡黄色至金黄色。 黄水晶的英文名称“citrine”源自法语的“Citron”,意思是“柠檬”,据说它最早是出现在苏格兰、法国、西班牙和匈牙利。 现在,它已成为一种珍稀宝石,主要盛产于巴西,以及玻利维亚和几个非洲国家。 此外,这种宝石据说还拥有治愈的功效和多种保健作用。

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