21 August 2023


A high-flying competition

Hublot Polo gold Cup Gstaad 2023  Winner

In August, the 26th edition of Europe's highest altitude polo competition was held in Gstaad, 1050 m above sea level. Once again transformed for four days into a perfect polo field, the Saanen airfield played host to the summer's top polo tournament. Flanked by two majestic mountains, this unique "cancha" (polo field) offers a breathtaking panorama, making it a highly popular venue among the top international players, including the Hublot team. This colourful competition promised to be truly thrilling.


Jürgen Schröder (Captain), Juan Correa (Hcp.3), Martin Joaquin (Hcp. 4) and Martin Aguerre Jr. (Hcp. 7) sported Team Hublot colours. Martin Aguerre Jr.'s game naturally developed at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly; he essentially "grew up" there, as his father Martin Aguerre Sr. was a pillar of the Chantilly-based Swiss team, before becoming a renowned referee who can now be seen judging the biggest matches, including those in the Argentine Open. With his uncle also a renowned player with twelve wins to his name, 'Martincito' Aguerre comes from one of the great polo families in Argentina and, by extension, the world.


In this green valley, four opposing teams, each with four riders, faced off in a fast-paced game of four seven-minute chukkers. Three days of fascinating dexterity and coordination between man and horse: 168 adrenalin-fuelled minutes in total, all precisely measured by Hublot, the competition's official timekeeper. In addition, in the oldest and most widely cultivated tradition of this royal sport, the elegant spectators were invited to trample the divots. Everyone could join in the fun between matches, helping to return the pitch to an even condition after its trial by mallet and hoof.


With its unrivalled panoramic views, this special high-altitude location is a reflection of Hublot's uniqueness and distinctiveness, characteristics that the watchmaking brand demonstrates through its partnerships and ambassadors, the passion which drives its innovations, and the hard work which it invests in its watches.


To the rhythm of hooves and mallets, officially timed by Hublot, the closely fought chukkers were played, with Team Gstaad claiming victory as the winner of this 26th edition.

“Since 2008, we've never missed a single edition of this unique event, which is so iconic of Gstaad. It's a story inspired by our own personal experiences: The friendship that unites us with Director of Gstaad Polo and the Hublot Polo Gold Cup, Pierre Genecand, this incomparable venue, the precision and synchronisation of the movements of the riders and their horses, the tradition on which they rely to develop an ever more exciting future.”