Social Responsibility


The Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin, the result of the partnership between Hublot and Nespresso, shares the values of innovation, excellence and sustainability, which are at the core of both brands.


This limited edition of 200 pieces is the first watch made of recycled Nespresso coffee grounds and capsules. From coffee cup to wrist, an iconic object that symbolizes full-circle design.


For the first time ever and thanks to the innovative spirit of Hublot and Nespresso, the recycled coffee grounds from capsules are transformed into watch straps - a rubber version and a second Velcro fabric version. For the fabric strap, Hublot has collaborated with SINGTEX, one of Nespresso’s partners who was already using recycled coffee grounds to produce a fabric called S.Café.
The recycled aluminum capsules become the case, bezel, crown and pushers.

“Nespresso is proud to join forces with Hublot to create the Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin. This exceptional watch is the result of a partnership between two Swiss companies who both have the same values of innovation, quality, sustainability and the Swiss spirit as their mainspring and within their DNA. As a B Corp certified business, this collaboration also aligns with Nespresso’s commitment to continue its transition to a circular business model by giving a second life to coffee grounds and the aluminium of our capsules. The Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin is the perfect illustration of the harmonious coexistence between circularity and luxury. It demonstrates that circular products can be just as elegant and refined as conventional luxury products, proving that it is possible to combine environmental values and aesthetic requirements without compromise.”