Carlito Fuente - CEO of Arturo Fuente Cigars and Hublot ambassador

During the centenary celebration of Arturo Fuente Cigars in 2012, the two brands decided to become partners, brought together by their shared desire in their respective fields, to stretch the demonstration of excellence. This union has already produced several watch collections and different charitable initiatives to help the Dominican population through the Fuente Family Foundation. A new creation pays tribute to this common love of fine craftsmanship: the Hublot Classic Fusion Fuente Limited Edition watch. This new release will come in three models produced in limited editions.

“My family and I are very moved by the design sported by this new Hublot-Fuente model. I consider it to be a tribute to our emotional connection to the land, to the earth that enables us to make our cigars and to our origins.”

Carlito Fuente

CEO, Arturo Fuente

Classic Fusion 20th Anniversary
Carlito Fuente and Ricardo Guadalupe present Classic Fusion Fuente 20th Anniversary Special Edition