Hublot Design Prize

The Hublot Design Prize is a springboard and opportunity for up-and-coming designers to gain notoriety and visibility. It reveals young talents in the hope their names will join the greatest success stories while highlighting innovative projects that are exploratory in their use of materials and subjects; proposals that break away from conventions and form part of a social and environmental approach. The prize was launched in 2015 by Jean-Claude Biver and Pierre Keller for the 10 year anniversary of the iconic Big Bang model, full of audacity, creativity and innovation, the foundations of Hublot since its creation in 1980.

“Inspire, bring to life, support and pass forward, so creation can be constantly perpetuated and renewed. The Hublot Design Prize was launched to support younger generations, create a turning point, boldly write history and change the world in a positive way. Thinking outside of the box has inspired Hublot since its beginnings. ”

Ricardo Guadalupe