From Sketch to Prototype

It all starts by putting an idea down on paper, followed by a virtual model, and finally a prototype is built before a watch is ever manufactured.

Creativity can come about in the most curious ways. From reading through the annals of history to a sudden stroke of genius while strolling through park, the sources of inspiration are endless. At the Hublot design workshop, such ideas are brought to fruition through the synergy that exists between the various experts and departments. From a sketch of a product or movement to a virtual 3D model, followed by a working prototype and finally serial production, the entire process requires patience, expertise and a lot of trial and error.

MP-05 LaFerrari computer prototyping
Sketch of a Classic Fusion watch


A new watch design starts as a rough sketch on paper, where the proportions and aesthetical elements are defined
Technical design of a movement

02. Movement

The movement is designed around the concept, taking into account not only the functions but also the aesthetic presentation.
Classic Fusion Tourbillon in black ceramic

03. Prototype

A functioning yet raw version of both the movement as well as the case are manufactured to test before serial production.
« Hublot's main strength is our ability to innovate. A flair for thinking outside the box. »
Jean-Claude Biver
Chairman of the Board

DESIGN Innovation


MP-05 LaFerrari

The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari was created as a tribute to the LaFerrari, with the Hublot engineers having designed, developed, and produced the timepiece in parallel with the car. The face is made from sapphire crystal, shaped to be reminiscent of the car's outline. The case and buckle are crafted from black PVD titanium, with the strap being made from rubber.

« When Ferrari unveiled the LaFerrari, which quickly became known as one of the most spectacular vehicles ever produced by the Italian company, Hublot simultaneously launched a watch in tribute to the car, mirroring its genius. A meeting at the pinnacle of their arts. »
Ricardo Guadalupe
Chief executive officer

MP-05 LaFerrari



“The Art of Fusion” is far more than just a slogan. It is an attitude and ideology that encompasses the very core of Hublot’s design ethos, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the case.
Big Bang Unico King Gold Ceramic

Evolution of the case

The inimitable Hublot case is a work of art in its own right, a design that is constantly evolving yet true to its timeless and original silhouette. Throughout the years, Hublot has taken its original porthole design that first saw the combination of precious metals such as gold with rubber to new heights, with multi-component “sandwich” construction in a number of materials and executions. And yet every Hublot case design bears the same distinguishable trademark features including visible “H-screws”, a distinct bezel and of course a sculpted case.

« The case represents an evolution of the brand and defines our design philosophy and history. »
Ricardo Guadalupe
Chief executive officer

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