Fusion in Watchmaking

A place where tradition and innovation coexist, the Hublot design workshop is a place where watchmaking is done differently, the “Art of Fusion” way.

Covering a wide range of professions and manufacturing techniques involved in the art and science of watchmaking, Hublot employs different methods of this centuries-old craft to accommodate the latest in materials and fabrication techniques as well as the most traditional forms of handwork, all under one roof. It is this flexibility in manufacturing that allows Hublot to remain at the helm of innovation in watchmaking and produce unique and cutting-edge timepieces.

« We place great value in our innovative technological manufacturing processes. »
Ricardo Guadalupe
Chief executive officer



The Hublot design workshop possesses all the necessary know-how and infrastructure to make the future of watchmaking a reality today.

From the production of the micro-components in movements to the construction of case parts, the synergy that exists in the Hublot design workshop has allowed for such breakthrough creations as the Unico chronograph movement and proprietary materials like Magic Gold, as well as truly revolutionary designs in both case and movement construction. With its own Metallurgy & Materials laboratory working closely with the Research & Development department, the possibilities for innovation are only limited by how far one’s imagination can go.

Red Ceramic Bezel


A patented process for producing bright-colored ceramic
MP-05 LaFerrari Movement

Record Power Reserve

A world record-breaking power reserve of 50 days
Tourbillon movement


From chronographs to tourbillons and minute repeaters

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