Pushing boundaries

Whether it’s improving on traditional precious metal alloys to improve their performance and aesthetics or conjuring entirely new and groundbreaking composites, the vast world of materials is at the very heart of Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” philosophy.

« Being unique is what gives Hublot its extraordinary strength, through the incredible commitment expressed by every single person who works for the brand. »
Jean Claude Biver
President Hublot



From traditional gold alloys to Magic Gold, from stainless steel to light and durable carbon fiber, the number of materials and possible combinations Hublot offers are truly endless.
Magic Gold case of a Ferrari watch - side view

Magic Gold

Au B4C

Unique and proprietary to Hublot, Magic Gold is the world’s first and only 18 carat scratch proof gold alloy, and the first result of the Hublot Metallurgy Department’s endeavors in creating revolutionary materials.

« If you want something unique and different you have to create it yourself. »
Sébastien Recalcati
Materials Science Engineer
Carbon fibre case of a King Power - bottom view



Weighing half as much as aluminum yet three times stronger, carbon fiber has the highest strength to weight ratio of any material. With such unique properties, carbon fiber has replaced traditional metals and alloys in a number of applications.

Black rubber strap



A material that is at the very core of Hublot. Soft, supple and highly resistant to wear and tear as well as being waterproof, rubber is produced naturally and artificially. The mix of both produces the desired properties for a Hublot strap.

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Pure aluminium is a very soft metal. In its industrial version, it is used in alloy with copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese and titanium.

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