Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph UEFA EURO 2016™ & UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE™

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When the footballing world marches to the beat of Hublot.

Prestigious clubs, star coaches, virtuoso players, the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA EURO, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, the footballing world has been marching to the rhythm of Hublot for 10 years.

Hublot has been a pioneer for a decade and continues to confirm its commitment to football year after year. Whether they’re official ambassadors or friends of the brand, from Pelé to Mourinho, from Shaqiri to Scolari, from Roy Hodgson to Alex Ferguson and David Trézéguet, they, like so many others, are part of the “Hublot loves football” world. Just like the clubs, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, which by themselves account for a record number of titles and distinctions. As Official Watch for the UEFA EURO 2016, Official Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup, Official Licensed Watch of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, Hublot stands on the touchline of the most prestigious competitions and championships. This was all the Swiss watchmaker needed to design a watch dedicated to the most popular sport in the world: the Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph.

Hublot and football, it all began in 2006 with Michel Pont who came to see us to talk about a partnership with the ‘Nati’ (Swiss national football team). His first words were: “I don’t understand why no watchmaker is a partner with the Swiss team.” This question immediately found an answer with Hublot. A few months later, the 60 members of the Swiss team all had a Big Bang ASF limited edition on their wrists when they flew off to the World Cup in Germany. A real success that led to many others. The story of Hublot and football is one of natural fusion, it’s obvious really! 10 years later, our loyalty and our love of football are still intact. Football makes Hublot tick! Hublot loves football!”

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO

UEFA EURO 2016TM — Official Watch

On the occasion of its 3rd EURO participation, Hublot introduces the Official Watch of UEFA EURO 2016TM which will take place in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016. Designed with the football world in mind, the Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph wears the colours of France, the organising country of the 15th edition of the EURO. 100 watches, all in red, white and blue, will be issued. Its 45mm case in black ceramic is fitted with a “One click” interchangeable strap system in blue alligator sewn onto rubber and overstitched with white and red seams.

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUETM — Official Licensed Watch

Celebrating its recent partnership and its status as “Official Licensed Watch” for the UEFA Champions League, Hublot unveils a second limited edition of 100 pieces featuring its mythic Unico retrograde chronograph movement. Dressed in the UEFA Champions League’s midnight blue, its 45mm case in black ceramic sports a strap in blue alligator sewn onto rubber and overstitched with a white seam.

Two mechanical chronographs for timing football matches.

The HUB1261 movement is visible through a sapphire case-back finished with the UEFA Euro 2016TM or UEFA Champions LeagueTM emblem. A bi-retrograde module with patented automatic winding is fitted to the UNICO manufacture calibre, enabling it to time a football match. Designed to time two halves of 45 minutes, and extra time, allowing a total of 60 minutes, its central chronograph display has the seconds and minutes hands moving on a circular arc between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. A push button at 2 o’clock activates the mechanism and moves the second hand to the 60-second mark before it swiftly jumps back to 0 and starts again, whereas the minute hand measures elapsed time as it moves around. The aperture in the centre indicates the ongoing period (1 — first half/ 1⁄2 break / 2 — second half, END – end of the game). As for the local time, this is displayed by a counter at 6 o’clock.

On the pitches themselves, the now famous Hublot referee boards will also be joining the game. Used by the 4th official to indicate extra time and signal player changes, they have become inseparable from major competitions since their arrival at UEFA EURO 2008TM. They are now very distinctive and have a customised design that evokes the specific codes of each competition. That used in the Champions League was unveiled for the first time during the first leg play-off matches on 18 August 2015. As for that for UEFA EURO 2016TM, we will see it in action on the 10 June 2016.

HUBLOT loves football I Timeline

2006 | Hublot becomes the first luxury timepiece brand to commit to the world of football Sponsor of the Swiss national football team
2008 | UEFA EURO 2008™
2008 | Official Timekeeper for Manchester United
2010 | FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa
2010 | Official Timekeeper for Ajax Amsterdam
2012 | Official Timekeeper for Juventus
2012 | Official Timekeeper for FC Bayern Munich
2013 | Official Timekeeper for FC Paris Saint-Germain
2014 | FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil
2015 | FIFA Women’s World Cup™ in Canada
2015 | Official Timekeeper for Chelsea FC
2015 | UEFA Champions League™ and UEFA Europa League™ (2015-2018)
2016 | UEFA EURO 2016™ in France

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