HUBLOT and Berluti launch the Classic Fusion Berluti in China

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Style or Nothing

After the collaboration announcement in Baselworld, Swiss Luxury watchmaking brand HUBLOT and Parisian shoemaker Berluti are pleased to launch the Classic Fusion Berluti Limited Edition in China. This collaboration, reinterpreting the “Art of Fusion” of Hublot in a cross-field manner, brings past into the future and mixes traditional and modern technologies. The Classic Fusion bears Berluti's signature Venezia leather, and its famous patina. Watches and leathers, like fine vintages, mark out this original and bold limited edition model. The artful combination of the innovative watchmakers with the craftsmanship of soulful shoe company exemplifies elegance, defining the spirit of the classic gentleman.

Revealing, re-inventing and making the material magnificent, giving it a soul. Hublot and Berluti work as modern day alchemists to create a fusion between their expertise, transposing techniques to be surprising and daring. Although Hublot and Berluti have their own brand stories, the classic innovation and craftsmanship are integral parts of both brands. Since 1895, Berluti has been providing shoemaking services to high-class gentlemen. Berluti has applied its emblematic Venezia leather to the dial and the strap, and this leather, with exclusive tanning, is the result of Olga Berluti's inventiveness. Hublot has never stopped its pursuit of a high-end lifestyle and of the fusion of art cross-field, dressing its dial and strap with noble natural materials like Berluti’s Venezia leather, incorporating the complication into the organic leather to create a leather dial, and making the wrist to feel the excitement of the materials art.

The flagship stores of Berluti in Beijing International Trade Center and in Shanghai International Financial Center each staged a premium craftsmanship showcase between a top Swiss watchmaking and a century-old shoemaking. Stepping into the bright and spacious hallway, guests can feel instantaneously the traditional legacy and the contemporary design of the brand. The architect and the display of the store offers the classic elegance and the extraordinary with humble luxury. Not only is the birth of the classic collision and sublimation of the wisdom and inspiration, but it also carries and conveys the extraordinary knowhow, full of mystery. Hublot and Berluti brought the legendary production processes to the stage, and showed classic craftsmanship by the best watchmaker and the shoemaker from both Houses to our distinguished guests. The production mechanism is as much an artwork as a mystery process, and offers a unique experience of charm and fusion between two brands.

Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China said, “We are pleased to look forward to working together with the century-old shoemaker Berluti. Style or nothing, Hublot wants to carry on exploring ways to dress our dials and bracelets with legendary textiles. Leather is a standard material in watchmaking for straps, but we wants to go beyond the traditional approach to leather and work with THE most emblematic leather there is. Working with Berluti is a natural choice.” Yves Coppin, Regional Managing Director for Berluti Asia and China, said: “It is my honor to establish this cross-field cooperation with Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Hublot. We collaborates with Hublot to create the perfect watch to complete the silhouette. We share the same level of expertise and a common passion for excellence.”

In its famous monochrome, ALL BLACK, style, this new collector's edition has a Venezia Nero-Grigio strap marked with the characteristic "Gaspard" incision—a signature of the Berluti House. This handmade incision is a homage to the scarification. The 45 mm black ceramic case holds a MHUB1100 mechanical self-winding movement with a black leather dial signed by Berluti. The model has been issued in a limited edition of 500.

The straps of the 250 model limited edition Classic Fusion Berluti King Gold are cut from Venezia Scritto calf leather. With writing inspired by 18th century calligraphy that won over Olga Berluti. This signature of the Berluti House is a homage to calligraphy engraved in leather. Tobacco colored leather that also adorns the dial, striking the perfect balance with the warm nuances of Hublot's King Gold.

The Classic Fusion straps have gone through the same process as Berluti shoe leather. From patterning to the creation of the shape, from the cutting and assembling of the pieces of leather, from the mounting of the strap to lacquering. Although the models may all be identical, each strap is unique. The timepieces are presented in Venezia leather settings—respectively black and tobacco. Inside Berluti polish and brushing objects are an invitation to a ritual.

Give a man fine shoes and a beautiful watch and he can conquer the world...

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