Hublot invites Chen Man to jointly unveil The All Black concept 10 Years exhibition in Shanghai

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October 25, 2016, Shanghai- Within one decade, time has witnessed the pioneering "Visible Invisibility" and All Black philosophy of Hublot. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot in Greater China, and Chen Man, Hublot’s brand ambassador, attended the Anniversary of the All Black Concept exhibition, in Shanghai Plaza 66. The “All Black” collections interpret the "Visible Invisibility" dialectical philosophy. Hublot shared the story of "All Black" philosophy with watch collectors and high-end consumers, and brought a modern and fashionable feast to the distinguished consumers.

In 2006, Hublot surprised the watch-making industry with the Big Bang All Black model, unveiling the ALL BLACK concept and the pioneering philosophy of “Visible Invisibility” also emerged at this time. A black watch with black hands that is almost invisible above its entire dial. 10 years later, the watch case is invisible, but the movement of the timepiece is fully visible. This mutual dialectical philosophy relation and design concept still represents the philosophical illustration of the brand spirit. With the "Visible Invisibility" narrative of the passage of time, All Black Limited Editions became among the top list for collectors and Hublot aficionados. The success of this series also seemingly led the aesthetic and fashion trend of Hublot watches for ten years.

Besides the achievements in photography, world famous visual artist Chen Man was also involved in painting and film production. She specially offered a calligraphy written in Chinese words – “All Black” as a gift for Hublot. The implicit beauty complements the freehand-stroke perfectly in this masterpiece.

Loic Biver shares: “We are glad to hold this exhibition in Shanghai Plaza 66. HUBLOT All Black Concept 10 Years Anniversary exhibition does not only show the visionary idea as well as the evolution of ‘All Black’ series from an idea full of doubt to the highly sought fashionable collections by customers within ten years, but it also shows the unique philosophy of our brand. As we always say at Hublot – ‘Be First, Be unique, Be Different’. We would continue Hublot’s uniqueness and avant-garde fashion style, and also hope we could invite more fashion consumers and watch enthusiasts to experience Hublot’s philosophy as well as its high-end lifestyle through this exhibition.”

Chen Man also shares her thoughts: “Hublot has always demonstrated the determination of making breakthroughs and constantly explored the Art of Fusion. Hublot owns many artistic designs, which have shown great material innovations and fusion of the West and the East completely. The philosophy presented by Hublot’s All Black collections enriched the connotation of the color black and brought the outstanding artistic charm to the brand.”

HUBLOT All Black Concept 10 Years Anniversary China Grand Tour make its third official stop in Shanghai Plaza 66. From October 25 to 31, 2016, a seven-day exhibition will present to the public the series of Hublot All Black watches, such as a variety of watches with matt texture from case to dial, the black design with multi-layers and different materials mixed with extremely precise technological functions with the beauty of this era. On one hand, Hublot combines its pioneering philosophy with the interpretation of craftsmanship of the exquisite watchmaking art; on the other hand, the brand never stops its all-round fusion with cross-boundary partnerships. Hublot formed a strategic partnership with the world’s most famous racing and sports car manufacturer Ferrari, hosted several cross-cultural high-end wine tasting events, partnered with the UEFA and the FIFA, as first luxury brand to invest football, and lastly teamed with Berluti to better interpret “the fusion of arts” in the high-end lifestyle world. This Exhibition will also bring spotlight to the exhibition, and display a black Ferrar, and noble Berluti classic black shoes, together with Hublot “All Black” series.

Today, Hublot All Black concept will show its masterpiece and craftsmanship in Shanghai. Hublot All Black concept and its “Visible Invisibility” philosophy will continue carrying on its classical heritage and connecting to the future, to win glory on a broader world stage, so time to witness!

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