Hublot makes a watch for the record holder

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The Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde FC Bayern München joins the Munich star’s collection of trophies.

As Bayern Munich enjoys the best season in its history, Hublot—FC Bayern Munich’s “Official Timekeeper” since 2012—is crowning the success of the club that holds all the records. In honour of the “Reds”, and in the heart of Munich, it is presenting the BIG BANG UNICO BI-RETROGRADE FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN, a limited edition of 100 individually numbered pieces.

A watch for football

Designed with the football world in mind, it is equipped with a bi-retrograde mechanical chronograph movement fitted with a brand new, patented mechanical interface able to time a football match. Its central chrono display shows the length of a match halftime—45 minutes—and extra time of 15 minutes allowing a total of 60 minutes. The seconds and minutes hands move on a circular arc between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. The aperture set above the centre of the dial indicates the ongoing period: first half, extra time, second half, extra time and full time. The second dial at 6 o’clock indicates the actual time. A push button at 2 o’clock starts the chronograph and makes the retrograde mechanism move the second and minute hands to the 60-second mark before swiftly jumping back to 0 for the second hand and to the actual time of the ongoing period for the minute hand. The HUB1261 movement is visible through a sapphire case-back finished with the FC Bayern Munich emblem. Its 45-mm carbon fibre case is fitted with a “One click” interchangeable strap system in red alligator sewn onto rubber and overstitched with blue seams.

“Hublot loves football and has been committed to supporting it since 2006. In the beginning, it was a child’s dream, the desire to play, enjoying a team sport, discipline, passion and commitment. Bayern Munich’s track record is a source of inspiration and respect. Each new victory won merely strengthens the Reds’ status as record holders. Their taste for the game, their tactical spirit and the winning edge that they possess cannot be denied, not even when playing “table football”. Tonight, all the players around the tables were Reds to their core. It was a magnificent moment, one of those that demonstrate Hublot’s family and friendly spirit.” [b]Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.[|b]

The record holder (“der Rekordmeister”)

The Bavarian club remains unbeaten since the beginning of the season and has just reached the threshold of 1,000 championship wins. According to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, this is a “record for eternity” to add to the already impressive track record of the most successful club in Germany in terms both of the Bundesliga (25 titles) and the Cup (17 titles).To celebrate this new record, Hublot has invited over a hundred VIPs, customers, friends of the brand and football fans to witness the launch of the BIG BANG UNICO BI-RETROGRADE FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN. A piece that joins the Munich star’s trophies.

Brought together in the courtyard of the Hublot boutique on Maximilianstrassein Munich, 5 of Pep Guardiola’s 23 players played a mini table football championship under the supervision of Michel Pont as referee. Around the Bayern champions [b](Kirchhoff, Martínez, Rafinha, Bernat, Badstuber)[|b], the 8 mixed teams gathered customers, friends and football fans from the Maison Hublot. “Kalle” and Ricardo Guadalupe also joined in. In an upbeat atmosphere imbued with a friendly spirit, the matches ended with the Ricardo Guadalupe’s team winning the tournament.

I've been excited for some time about the new FC Bayern München watch from HUBLOT, and I must say it has far exceeded my expectations. With the BIG BANG UNICO BI-RETROGRADE FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN, HUBLOT has once again shown what makes watches tick today, and how to combine great technology with beautiful design. We're very happy and proud of our 4-year partnership with Hublot. I look forward to continuing our excellent and fruitful co-operation. [b]Andreas Jung, Executive Board Member of FC Bayern München[|b]

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