Metallurgy & Materials

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“If you want something unique and different you have to create it yourself” – Senad Hasanovic, Materials Science Engineer

At the very forefront of innovation

The very definition of “fusion”, Hublot’s integrated Metallurgy & Materials department quite literally brings the bridges the past and future by producing high-tech materials while innovating traditional precious metal alloys.

Born out of a close collaboration between Hublot and EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne), considered one of Switzerland’s leading technical institutions, the intent was to equip the watch manufacture with its own Metallurgy department capable of research, developing and producing its own state-of-the-art materials.

The first result from the metallurgy department is “Magic Gold”, Hublot’s proprietary scratchproof 18-karat gold alloy. Equipped with its own foundry and all the necessary apparatus to create the alloy from scratch, the Metallurgy department is capable of producing far more than just technologically advanced gold alloys.

Working in collaboration with the Research & Development team, the Metallurgy department plays a vital role in bringing to fruition new concepts for materials as well as improvements to existing ones. This involves developing methods for the production of a theoretical material as well as formulating the prototypes.

An integral part of the Hublot manufacture, the Metallurgy department also works with the Production department to devise the methods and find the right equipment necessary to machine the proprietary metals and composites, as well as producing them in the required volumes.

A more recent innovation by the Metallurgy & Materials department is the patented bright-color ceramic, a material that boasts the same properties as more common black and white ceramic but in a handful of vibrant colors.

With the know-how and facilities at its disposal, the Metallurgy department is on the brink of revolutionizing materials with applications that go for beyond watchmaking.

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