MP-02 Key of Time

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"The MP-02 Key of Time allows you to make time truly your own"

MP-02 Key of Time

Imagine a watch where you could make time your own, where those tedious moments fly by and the precious ones seem to last forever? That watch is the Hublot MP-02 Key of Time.

An original and even philosophical timepiece, the MP-02 Key of Time challenges the notion of time itself by featuring a first in the world of watchmaking: the speeding up or slowing down of the displayed time. The wearer is able to accelerate time 4 times faster or 4 times slower than the actual rate of passing time.

So whether you can’t wait to get out of a tedious boardroom meeting or are enjoying an intimate moment with a loved one watching the sun set, the MP-02 Key of Time allows you to make time truly your own with a simple turn of the crown.

The different time rate settings have no actual effect on the rate of the movement. So to snap back to reality, a clever “mechanical memory” system allows the wearer to quickly return the hands to the correct time regardless of how long the time has been displayed at a faster or slower rate.

Beyond its playful aspect, the MP-02 Key of Time is nothing short of a micromechanical wonder. Highly complex, the movement was developed and manufactured entirely within the walls of the Hublot manufacture and consists of 514 individual components including 75 jewels. The movement features a vertical flying tourbillon escapement visible from the side of the case that also serves as a seconds indicator.

A philosophical time machine, the MP-02 Key of Time is arguably the most personal watch one can wear.

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