Mr Brainwash visits Hublot

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At the centre of the projects is a meeting with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe for the opening of the Hublot boutique in Miami's Design District during its Contemporary Art week, which takes place at the start of December.

He is the artist behind Madonna's Celebration album cover. He has worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He directed the video for David Guetta and Nicky Romero's Metropolis. He is star of Banksy's celebrated film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

He is one of the leading artists of his generation, helping to bring the alternative Street Art movement to the masses. Who can forget his first groundbreaking exhibition in 2008 which whipped the entire LA media scene into a frenzy, where an old CBS studio was converted into a vast gallery? On the opening evening, 7000 people thronged the doors to view his Pop and Street Art-inspired canvasses and sculptures.

One of his "pearls": a "Campbell's Tomato Soup" can transformed into a giant can of spray paint… Do we really need to say any more to introduce this once-in-a-generation phenomenon, exiled to Los Angeles at the age of 15 where he sold vintage clothing, worked for the clothing brand Too Cute and for Warner Studios, and ran the famed "La vie en rose" club? … And who has since had exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris...

He is one of the most controversial artists on the US art scene: Mr Brainwash. Mr Brainwash has come to Nyon in Switzerland today to visit Hublot. This visit has enabled the artist's collaboration with the watch brand, via its creative team represented by Marco Tedeschi, to be finalised. The project? An idea for a Street Art happening to mark the opening of the Hublot Boutique in Miami's Design District during the famed Miami contemporary art week. 75,000 connoisseurs and lovers of contemporary art crowd the streets each year. The buzz is in the air. Stay tune beginning of December for the opening.

Boutique Hublot Miami Design District Suite # 103, 140 NE 39th Street, Miami, FL 33137

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