Official inauguration of the boutique at Bahnhofstrasse 27

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A stylish base camp at an altitude of 1,608 metres Hublot and Stéphane Lambiel set the Zermatt ice on fire.

At an altitude of 1,608 metres, under the snow, in the heart of Zermatt, surrounded by friends of the brand, Hublot cut an original ‘ribbon’. This tradition took a roped form this time, with the ribbon replaced by a climbing rope. Instead of cutting it—after all, the rope is made to hold fast and not to give—Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and President of LVMH Watch Division, Maria Höfl-Riesch and Stéphane Lambiel, both brand ambassadors, along with Christoph Bürgin, President of Zermatt Tourism, tied a figure-eight knot. This is the most useful and also the safest climbing knot. It symbolises eternity.

On the ice of Zermatt, the double world ice skating champion put on a unique show blending athletic performance and artistic emotion. The display fell under the “All Black” theme, a reminder that this design and trend begun by Hublot are already celebrating 10 years. It was a fine tribute to the presence of Stéphane Lambiel, a friend of the brand since the beginning of the Big Bang adventure. Hublot has followed the champion throughout his career and continues to support the activities and galas of one of Switzerland’s favourite sports personalities.

Embodying the link that binds Hublot to the mountain and to skiing, Maria Höfl-Riesch was beside Stéphane Lambiel to celebrate the official inauguration of this boutique sitting at the foot of the Matterhorn. Having been on the podiums 81 times, including 27 World Cup victories, the triple Olympic champion and double world champion joined the Hublot family five years ago.

“Claiming a place as your own means respecting its history, what makes it special, its signature and its identity. With its Chalet Boutique, Hublot makes a notable climb to the foot of the Matterhorn.”
Ricardo Guadalupe

The name Zermatt means "in the mountain pastures" (zur Matte); so Hublot wanted to respect the tradition of the area and its history by creating an original and emblematic Chalet-Boutique. On the outside, we can see a contemporary interpretation of the traditional architecture. On the inside, the counters and the displays are dressed in wood and glass. Under a framework of exposed beams, the old wooden walls reveal the tight narrow openings that are so characteristic of the barns. The lights inserted into them give the space a warm "homely" feel. On the walls, the displays surrounded by metal frames illustrate a typically Swiss art, reinterpreting the technique of paper cutting. The resulting patterns illustrating transhumance also find their way onto the external window displays and balconies. Hublot felt it was important to highlight local tradition and to incorporate blend it into its identity.

Since opening last summer, the Hublot Boutique is now home to a ‘carnotzet’ bistro intended for private events. It is a friendly place reinforcing the warm and ‘homely’ feel of this Chalet-Boutique. A real emblem of the Suissitude so dear to Hublot, it is reminiscent of the traditional barns of the old village of Zermatt and its stone and beams identify original architecture.

The Zermatt region is home to many tales and legends. And the story of the Big Bang Zermatt is not lacking in these details. If there is one object that is inseparable from the mountain, it is rope. The soul of the Matterhorn shines at the heart of these two limited edition Big Bang Zermatt models. Above the HUB4100 movement and between two sapphire panes is a piece of the rope found on the North-East crest of the Matterhorn, enhanced with the inscription “ORIGINAL SEIL VOM MATTERHORN - 4320 HÖHENMETER” . The emblematic silhouette of the “Grand Pic” is engraved on a counter at 9 o’clock. Released in a run of 150 pieces in a tungsten case and 150 pieces in a 18K Gold 5N case, the Big Bang Zermatt has a ceramic bezel and sports a brown calfskin strap stitched in beige.

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