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“Nothing of what is finished is ever entirely completed as long as what is begun is never totally over.” Pierre Dac

Hublot is inseparable from football and integral to all the highlights on the pitch.

While the trend in the first round of this UEFA EURO 2016™ is one in which match results are decided at the very end of the games, Hublot has seen its visibility explode. The public has its eyes fixed on the 4th official whose Hublot panel displays the stoppage time. Out of the 69 goals scored in the group phase, 20 were in the final 15 minutes and additional time. For the 1/8 and 1⁄4, 9 of the 34 were scored in the last minutes of the games.

As Official Watch for the UEFA EURO 2016™, Hublot stands on the touchline of the most prestigious competitions and championships since 2006. This was all the Swiss watchmaker needed to design a watch dedicated to the most popular sport in the world. On the occasion of its 3rd EURO participation, Hublot introduces the Official Watch of UEFA EURO 2016™ which takes place in France.

Designed with the football world in mind, the Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph wears the colours of France, the organising country of the 15th edition of the EURO. 100 watches, all in red, white and blue, will be issued. Its 45mm case in black ceramic is fitted with a “One click” interchangeable strap system in blue alligator sewn onto rubber and overstitched with white and red seams.

On the pitches themselves, the now famous Hublot referee boards will also be joining the game. Used by the 4th official to indicate extra time and signal player changes, they have become inseparable from major competitions since their arrival at UEFA EURO 2008™. They are now very distinctive and have a customised design that evokes the specific shape of the Hublot timepieces.

A European Football Championships marked by razor’s edge qualifications and outcomes. Keeping the public on tenterhooks, the final minutes of the matches are proving to be the most decisive. According to the experts, this phenomenon is due to physical reasons as much as strategic ones. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, explains this trend which has not gone unnoticed by the public or the media.

“Since the start of the competition, 65% of goals have been scored in the 2nd half. Around 30% are scored in the last quarter hour, and over half of these during stoppage time. The final half hour is the most prolific of this Euro, with almost half of goals scored between the end of the 60th minute and the end of stoppage time. This means frantic ends of matches, with an accumulation of fatigue and the pressure to get a result competing to make the final minutes highly strategic.”

To borrow an expression more commonly used in other sports, it would seem that this EURO 2016 is giving top billing to “Money Time.” Thrilling matches in which the scores change during the final minutes, a period during which every possession of the ball becomes crucial and the key players are expected to show their talent, thus making the 4th official’s Hublot panel the focus of all the attention. A utilitarian object, its emblematic design is reminiscent of the Big Bang model. In the space of just a few matches, it has become an icon of the UEFA EURO 2016™. As the half finals confirm the trend, Hublot’s visibility is established.


413.CX.7123.LR.EUR16 — Limited edition of 100 pieces

“Big Bang Unico” — 45-mm diameter
Satin-finish polished black ceramic

Black ceramic and satin finish with titanium H-shaped screws

Manufacture UNICO HUB1261 bi-retrograde movement with automatic winding, central chronograph and column wheel

Power reserve
72 hours

Water resistance
10 ATM (100 m)

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