When Sinan Regatta Meets Hublot Against the Wind and Waves, Let's Sail in Xisha!

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HUBLOT Supports the 2016 4th Great Sinan Cup Regatta. This event sees the Swiss watch brand unveil the Classic Fusion Chronograph Sinan Regatta Limited Edition.

There will soon be hundreds of boats sailing on the blue ocean as the most popular annual event in China’s maritime industry is about to begin! On April 9, 2016, the Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT announced the partnership with the 2016 4th Great Sinan Cup Regatta in Sanya, China, and has officially released the Classic Fusion Chronograph Sinan Regatta limited edition. The Great Sinan Cup Regatta organized by the Sanya government and Sansha government aims to lead more sailing enthusiasts to become a cultural ambassador of Chinese sailing. Hublot is close to the world of sailing and sea, the new cooperation with the reputable Sinan Regatta continues its way of "connecting the past with the future,” and promotes a high-end lifestyle together with marine enthusiasts.

Hublot has always been close to the world of sailing and the sea, firstly through its very name ("Hublot" means "porthole" in French) and the shape of its watches, but also through the prestigious partnerships such as the prestigious Monaco Oceanographic Museum and its Institute and the glamorous Marina dI Porto Cervo in Sardinia.

Founded in 2012 by ship-owners who love sailing, the Great Sinan Cup Regatta has been successfully held three times. As the only domestic professional sailing event that covers the Xisha coastline and has the farthest distance from shore, it has brought the attention of the social elites who love sailing together, and it is known as the "choice of ship-owners" in terms of sailing events. Along the Xisha voyage, players not only will go through the "Ancient Maritime Silk Route", enjoy the scenery of limpid sea, but also land on the Quanfu Island. There will be held a ceremony in commemoration of the great ancient Chinese marine history, as well as to carry on activities on environmental protection. With its popularity among sailing enthusiasts, Hublot provides great support to the Great Sinan Cup Regatta to jointly make contributions to the development of modern marine culture and lifestyle in China.

Commenting on this partnership, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, Loic Biver said: "Whether at sea or on land, whether the sailing is an athletic contest or cultural heritage, the Great Sinan Cup Regatta will always represent the affectionate love for the sea. Hublot shares the same values and philosophy."

As a representative of the Great Sinan Cup Regatta founders, Mr. Feng Hui said: "Sinan (compass in ancient China) is an important marine navigation tool in ancient China, and a symbol of China's nautical civilization and history, now China has demonstrated a strong affection for the ocean again. We share the same spiritual philosophy of traditional heritage and future innovation with Hublot. The art of fusion will continue now and in the future within Sinan Regatta. "

Hublot has created a watch in a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces especially to mark the 2016 edition. A new sport-chic version of the Classic Fusion Chronograph featuring a black ceramic bezel and 45 mm black ceramic case, a high-tech material particularly favoured by sportspeople, known for its lightness and instantly recognisable design.

Inspired from the ocean, the Classic Fusion Chronograph Sinan Regatta Limited Edition is mainly colored in deep midnight blue and black. Two blue rings of small dials are set at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Date window can be found at 6 o’clock. The case back of the watch is printed with the blue Sinan Regatta logo and letters, and engraving limited numbers.

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