HUBLOT Celebrates the Grand Opening of its Boutique in IFS Chengdu and the 10th Anniversary of Big Bang

Celebrating Big Bang 10th Anniversary Exhibition and Heart Panda Public Art Exhibition in presence of Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. 

In tribute to WWF’s China 35th birthday, Hublot donates a unique Big Bang Panda timepiece created especially for this auction.

On October 16th, 2015, Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker celebrated the grand opening of its boutique in Chengdu, marking another milestone of the brand in the Chinese market. In the meanwhile, the city welcomed “Hublot Loves Art” and embarked on a continuous exploration in the art scene. For this unique occasion, “Hublot Loves Art” held hands with WWF, an independent NGO to work on the panda protection project, contributing its part on the harmonious co-existence of life and nature. This partnership not only represents Hublot’s support for environmental protection but also its self-willed social responsibility. It is also a deepened exploration into “Art of Fusion” and a noble tribute to the 10th anniversary of Big Bang. It is noteworthy that Hublot’s Big Bang 10th Anniversary Exhibition is held in collaboration with Heart Panda Public Art Exhibition on the first floor of IFS, creating another brand-new experience when traditional watchmaking and modern art meets. Inspired by the adorable pandas, Hublot created the Big Bang Panda in homage to the 35th Anniversary of WWF China. Among all the panda-themed exhibited items, the Big Bang Panda timepiece, inspired by the Big Bang 10th Anniversary and featuring an adorable panda on the dial, lighted up the whole exhibition. The watch pays tribute to Swiss traditional watchmaking and pioneering art, giving the opening of Hublot boutique in IFS Chengdu a lovely touch.

When the moment comes, Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, together with the guests, cut the ribbon and announced the official opening of the new Hublot Boutique in IFS Chengdu. The new store will bring all series of Hublot for the discerning Chengdu customers. They will have a fascinating experience of Hublot’s exquisite watches and the best customer care and service from the brand.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe said, “I’m very glad to be here and witnessed this glorious moment in China, celebrating the 35th anniversary of WWF China. Hublot has always considered sharing the base of corporate social responsibility. Through sharing, we could facilitate more and more social organization, charities and environmental foundations so that we could create harmonious development of the society and move forward to a brighter future. I would also like to thank all our guests to be here and celebrate with us the 10th anniversary of our iconic Big Bang and the opening of IFS boutique. Hublot will keep on moving forward with the principle of ‘Art of Fusion’ and bring new great timepieces to our customers.”

Mr. Chris Hails from WWF shared with us, “We are grateful for the support and investment from Hublot to environmental protection. As the first non-profit environmental organization in China, WWF has facilitated the establishment of 62 natural preservation area for wild pandas, constructed the protection network in the wetland of the middle and downstream Yangzi river, protected more than 1.64 million hectares of website, promoted forest certification of more than 1.25 million hectares of forest, pushing forward the sustainability of Chinese forestry resources. We hope there will be more and more enterprise to be devoted to environmental protection and facilitating the harmonious coexistence of humans and the nature, just like what Hublot is doing . I’m also very excited to witness the 10th anniversary of Big bang and the grand opening of the brand’s IFS boutique. We wish all the success to Hublot’s future in China.”

There is no doubt that the panda was an inspiration of the Hublot timepiece. First of all, the panda holds revered status in Chinese cultural history. It has served as a symbol of goodwill and helped cement relationships with other countries.

The highlight of the « Big Bang Panda » edition is a sumptuous, 18-carat solid white gold hand-engraved appliqué of a panda. It features a perfectly sculpted pandas with a richness of detail and an illusion of depth that contrasts starkly with the case. The detail on the dial, that gives life to the panda and bamboo sticks on the dial, is completed with a miniature enamel hand painting of bamboo leaves and grass which likewise calls for infinite patience and consummate skill. The movement is clearly visible through the sapphire case back. One piece of this watch will be auctioned at the charity dinner gala the night of the boutique opening. All proceeds will be donated to WWF. This donation will be used on the protection of the natural habitat of pandas and promotion of environmental sustainability.

During that evening, all the VIP guests could appreciate an exhibition of various pandas sculptures from Heart Panda Public Art Exhibition, which presents designs from art lovers. One of them is designed by Chen Man, Hublot’s brand ambassador. This particular panda is completely set with diamonds. The red diamonds on the corner of its mouth and the inscription of Big Bang 10 Years are the highlights of her work. These pandas are completely different from one another with unique color combinations and styles. They are a new interpretation of “Hublot Loves Art”. Art is all about diversity, controversy and uniqueness. Only with an open and tolerant mind, could one understand art and could art thrive. The birth of Big Bang interpreted this concept in the best possible way. In April 2005, the iconic Big Bang was born, bringing the key turning point of Hublot – the revolutionary design, the fusion of multiple materials. The new philosophy allows a passionate clash between traditional watchmaking and modern design, creating an incredible success that lasts until today. In the exhibition, classic models, innovative material and watchmaking craftsmanship…the 10 years of Big Bang unveils itself to the public gradually. And the Big Bang WWF sculpture, displayed at the entrance of IFC became the celebrity of the day. Everyone wanted a photo with it! The panda is also telling a story of fusion, flowers and birds, Taiji Bagua, the famous Big Bang sketch and the logo of “BIG BANG 10 YEARS”. Under the hue of Art of Fusion in bold red, these elements are exuding the Charm of Fusion the world has never seen.

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