With Fashion Week in full swing, Hublot chose Garage Italia, the place to be in Milan as the venue to announce its new partnership with this new creative hub, the creation of the imaginative genius of Italian entrepreneur, Lapo Elkann!

"If you asked all lovers of fine motors to imagine the place of their dreams, they would design Garage Italia. This place is magical. It speaks to the man I am today and the boy I once was. Here, I can dream about materials, high speeds... I become a master craftsman creating my own product. Anything is possible! Indeed, it is this culture of possibility and boundless creativity which unites Hublot and Garage Italia and I am so excited about all that awaits us, I can't wait!".
Ricardo Guadalupe
CEO Hublot

"Love, passion and determination –these three words sum up my way of thinking and all I undertake. These are also the three key ingredients of Garage Italia. Spanning a surface area of over 1700 square metres this impressive customisation service offers every imaginable bespoke element for motors of any kind..."cielo, terra, mare" (Italian for "in the sky, on land, at sea") and celebrates all the richness and excellence which Italy has to offer! Here the stage is set for the new projects which we will create with Hublot – it gives you an idea, but I don't think you can truly imagine all that we have in store for you!"
Lapo Elkann
Founder and Creative Director of Garage Italia & Founder and Creative Director of Italia Independent

Milan, 20 February 2018

Since 2014, the partnership between Hublot and Italia Independent has seen these two "think tanks" with boundless creative power come together to create bold and innovative timepieces. From "Prince of Wales check" fabric on a watch, to carbon fibre and camouflage-printed Texalium®… Together, they have fun – that is certain. "Fun" may sound like a childish word but, in the end, passion is about having fun and when it comes to motors and fine mechanics, children and grown-ups are much alike.

Both companies' strengths include a passion to create, an independent frame of mind, and a desire to test the boundaries. Their products are characterised by quirky materials and an avant-garde style. They marry genres and set trends with an effortless elegance. These strengths and characteristics are finding their expression in a new partnership which is a fusion of Hublot's quirky approach to time and materials, and the extravagant creativity of Garage Italia. Hublot has taken up residence in the Lapo Elkann's garage, a timeless space, where there are no limits on what is possible in the heart of the Piazzale Accursio.

We look forward to presenting the culmination of Garage Italia and Hublot’s partnership of creativity in a few months

Ready to create the watch of your dreams!

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