Искусство и музыка



Takashi Murakami is an international star, not only in contemporary art circles but also with the general public.


He masterfully achieves this result by combining leading-edge multimedia tools with traditional Japanese techniques such as gold leaf.

His visually very modern style offers a subtle reflection between Japanese tradition and pop culture.


A real rock star in the contemporary art world, he coined the name Superflat for the artistic movement he began.

“When I visited the Hublot manufacture in Switzerland for the first time, I realised to what extent the traditional know-how, precision, futuristic technology and craftsmanship were all intertwined in the creation of a watch. Bringing my art into the creativity of these watchmakers represents a unique adventure for me.”

Takashi Murakami

Contemporary Artist

Takashi Murakami wearing the CF Takashi Murakami All Black