Hublot and Masahiro Tanaka host a charity event to support “Kamiosabe no Sato”

 “I remembered that I was very impressed to meet professional baseball player at a short distance when I was same age as these children. I wish today’s event would be memorable for them.”  Masahiro Tanaka

Tokyo (Japan) - Luxury Swiss watch brand Hublot held “HUBLOT x MASAHIRO TANAKA Charity Event” at the Meiji Jingu Gaien indoor baseball stadium, with the presence of New York Yankees Japanese professional baseball starting pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, the first Hublot ambassador to hail from Japan.

“I remembered that I was very impressed to meet professional baseball player at a short distance when I was same age as these children. I wish today’s event would be memorable for them.”
Masahiro Tanaka

“Through today’s event, I believe that Japanese children, Japanese baseballs fans, and fans of Masahiro Tanaka were able to enjoy the fusion of Tanaka’s “feeling of strength” and Hublot’s creativity. Going forward, Hublot would like to continue to support the bright future of today’s children through baseball.”
Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

In January 2015, Hublot announced Masahiro Tanaka as the first Hublot ambassador from Japan to join the Hublot family. In July, Hublot released the limited model “Aero Bang MT88” inspired by Mr Tanaka, who is in the world’s spotlight. He rapidly joined the ranks of star players after joining the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, and then became a top player of MLB’s New York Yankees. Tanaka’s passion, strong curiosity, and his spirit of charity which is visible through hosting baseball classes for children – these are the values that Hublot also cherishes. Hublot along with Tanaka will continue to hold charity events aimed at contributing to realize a bright future for children.

“HUBLOT X MASAHIRO TANAKA Charity Event” aims to support a “bright future for children” by offering young baseball players the opportunity to interact with Major League players. Around 50 members of the children’s baseball team “Shibuya Universe” aged from first grade to sixth grade participated in the event held at their home ground and got the chance to meet with Japanese Baseball Star Masahiro Tanaka.

In the first part of the training, the young baseball players of “Shibuya Universe” trained with Tanaka and received guidance in how important it is to cultivate a healthy and strong body through his “feeling of strength”, concept that is always at the forefront of Tanaka’s thinking.

Secondly, since the event coincided with the Setsubun festival, Tanaka helped the children to chase the Japanese demons “Oni” away. The children had to throw baseballs at Tanaka, who played the role of the “demon Oni” and was running with a basket on his back. The public in the stadium did follow the game with loud cheers. The number of baseballs in Tanaka’s basket determined the amount of money that would be donated by Hublot to “Kamiosabe no Sato”. The event concluded with a commemorative photograph of the children taken with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, who had flown to Japan from Switzerland for this event. Tanaka and Guadalupe held up a large donation check raised for charity, total amount of 2,000,000JPY which will be donated to “Kamiosabe no Sato”. This is the result of the number of balls 297 thrown into the basket of Tanaka and extra bonus from Guadalupe.

“Kamiosabe no Sato” is a non-profit organization of mainly local people that manages the “Kamiosabe” ground for the children and locals of Rikuzentakata City who lost a place to exercise as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Hublot has been providing support in maintaining the ground since 2014. The donated money from this event will mainly be used for maintaining the good baseball environment for local children who practice and dream to become a baseball star player like Tanaka.

At the evening, Hublot held a “Special Night with Masahiro Tanaka” at Andaz Tokyo, which offers a view as spectacular as that of the skyscrapers of New York where Tanaka is based. Around 160 VIP guests attended the dinner. They could enjoy a talk show with Tanaka as well as a special video presenting the history of his career from the time he joined the team to his double-digit victory last year. The event also featured a jazz band performance as well as a bingo game offering items autographed by Tanaka as the prizes, providing great fun for all.

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