Hublot Loves Art - HUBLOT’s Crossover with Photo Shanghai

Unveiling the Personal Exhibition of Chen Man - Focus on Eastern and Western Cultures, Highlighting The Art of Fusion

When light and shade were captured in the change of time, photography is no longer simply recording time. The essence of art connects with innovative concepts in a blink of eyes, becoming an artistic language that bridges eastern and western language. On September 11th, 2015, HUBLOT Loves Art began a new chapter in Shanghai in an even more modern form. HUBLOT, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, crossed over with Photo Shanghai, the top photography exhibition in Asia, becoming the first luxury watchmaker to partner with the exhibition. The partnership not only marked another significant breakthrough of the brand in the world of art but also represented HUBLOT’s contribution to the fusion of eastern and wester cultures. In the meanwhile, Chen Man, the brand ambassador of HUBLOT and international visual artist, had many of her iconic pieces exhibited at Photo Shanghai. Her distinctive personal style has endowed her works with a unique expression - an one-of-a-kind celebration of the art fusion between eastern and western cultures.

Photo Shanghai is no doubt a bold stroke in the Shanghai Art Week. The event was organized and held by World Photography Organization, aiming to promote visual art cultural exchange between the east and the west and to promote outstanding works from world-renowned artists as well as the up-and-comers. From September 11th to 13th, 2015, Photo Shanghai had returned to Shanghai Exhibition Center after it was first held in 2014. 500 masterpieces of world-renowned photographers from 50 top international galleries will be exhibited at the event. There will also be art seminars for visitors. Art lovers and collectors will have the precious opportunity to appreciate masterpieces of master photographers from the west and the east. And the seminars will allow them to have an enriched understanding of these works.

This is a perfect match of HUBLOT’s art philosophy. Hublot Loves Art was first staged in China in 2014. It is the best representation of Hublot’s persistence and passion for art, interpreting the brands philosophy of bringing art into people’s everyday life and serving the public. From window display collaboration with the post-90s artist Gao Ludi to the public installation with the famous contemporary artist Xu Zhen, from supporting the grand opening of M WOODS gallery to sponsoring Van Gogh Alive - The Experience and the Award of Art China, Hublot never stopped exploring art. This year witnessed two new brand ambassadors, both one of a kind in their respective field - Lang Lang and Chen Man. With their tradition-breaking power of creativity, they interpreted Hublot’s “be first, be unique, be different” and Art of Fusion in the best possible way.

At the launch event, Chen Man, Hublot’s global ambassador, shared the beautiful stories behind the 3 pieces she personally directed and photographed, which represent the understanding of eastern and western cultures in the form of visual art. Young Pioneer with the Three Gorges in 2008 and Twelve Colors of China: Morning Red in 2011 are two pieces taken contemporary China as the background. With the principle of “Chinese culture as the body and western culture as complement”, Chen Man successfully translated and conveyed the beauty of contemporary China to the world. She is the first photographer that integrated contemporary China background and faces into the main stream fashion photography. Most of her works is inspired by life, times and the places where she grew up. As a generation that was born after socialism reform and opening up policy with Chinese characteristics, that witnessed the material dream came true, that was heavily influenced by the western civilization, she interprets modern language with visual art with her balance between the inner world and the physical world, her understanding of Chinese traditional philosophy and culture and with human eyes that was spoiled by the material civilization. The piece with Lapo Elkann, another Hublot’s global ambassador, by Chen Man in 2015 presented the fusion of modern fashion and traditional watchmaking - Chen Man’s most immediate understanding of Hublot. On the event, Chen Man shared with us, “It’s a great honor to be here at Photo Shanghai with Hublot and to bring visual art to a wider audience. Culture and philosophy from the east and the west fuses and co-develops here. They are exposed in each and every pieces here with no holding back. I look forward to further working with Hublot to contribute even more to the cultural exchange between the east and the west and to create more pieces with even greater influence.”

After the event, Mr. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot for the Greater China, said sincerely, “The difference between the eastern and the western cultures shaped their distinctive features today and made the fusion interesting and intriguing. Visual art expresses Art of Fusion in the most direct manner, making itself the best media for the eastern and western cultures.”

In the meanwhile, Mr. Alexander Montague-Spare, director of Photo Shanghai, commented, “We are really grateful for Hublot’s great support for Photo Shanghai. In the international background, we advocate for art without borders and we are dedicated to the art exchange between the east and the west. This coincides with Hublot perfectly. In China today, a lot of visual artists, with Chen Man as the best representative, have attracted attention of the media and collectors from home and abroad. These artists are undoubtedly the power-house for the exchange of eastern and western cultures and they have injected brand-new energy into contemporary art of China.

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