Hublot has Sang Bleu in its veins

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“Passion is an engine that drives us to create and move forward. I love Maxime Buchi’s audacity, his courage as an initiator and his atypical background. He believed in his dreams and fought hard to accomplish them. He also embodies exportable Swiss innovation and talent. His tattoos evoke tradition and symbols of belonging. Behind their coded messages, they display a propensity to assert themselves, to dare to stand apart. They may fascinate or disturb, but they leave nobody indifferent. Hublot and Sang Bleu are driven by shared engines.” Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot  

Hotel Edition – London
In the midst of Fashion Week, Hublot announces its collaboration with Maxime Buchi. The
founder of the Sang Bleu London tattoo studio has claimed his singularity through the tattoos that have established him as an influential figure in fashion. A graphic designer and typographer trained at the ECAL university of art and design, he was initiated by tattooist Filip Leu into the mysteries of this ancestral art. The Lausanne native has since set up in London where his artistic impulsions are expressed on skin itself. Intradermal illustrations that tell stories, bare symbols and express beliefs. Tattooing – A sacred art, an embodiment of right of passage, a symbol of ownership, venerated and often stigmatised – has existed since prehistory. A tradition that innovation has written into the future.

As an ambassador, Maxime Buchi perfectly incarnates Hublot’s willingness to merge the arts and bring together fundamentally contrasting worlds. Dualities, opposing forces that evolve into powerful synergies. This surprising and audacious collaboration takes the form of a glass and metal sculpture created by the artist. Singular shapes spatially transpose the inspirations born from the encounter between Maxime Buchi and Hublot. Exhibited in the heart of the Sang Bleu pop-up in London, it serves as a sketch for an ambitious and innovative project that will see the light of day in April. A “statement” watch. An experience that goes beyond tattooing.

To be continued ...

“For me, the coming together of Sang Bleu and Hublot is a “match made in heaven” insofar as the two projects, in their respective domains, represent the highest level of technical and creative innovation without ever compromising the quality of their aesthetics. A feature of Sang Bleu and Hublot is the principle of “fusion”, in their manner of building bridges between materials, techniques and cultures. As a watch lover, I have always dreamed of such a collaboration, and I cannot imagine a greater opportunity to further develop my creative scope and the reach of Sang Bleu.” Maxime Buchi, Sang Bleu

Sang Bleu

A multidisciplinary artistic platform founded by Maxime Buchi.
In 2006, Maxime launched the eponymous magazine. An interdisciplinary project merging art, fashion, literature, sociology and tattooing.
In 2014, he created the Sang Bleu London Tattoo Studio, bringing together a dozen top-flight tattooists. Among his prestigious clients, Kanye West and Adam Lambert wear his ink on their skin.
Today, Sang Bleu is a contemporary design brand in the broadest sense.
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