IAAF World Championships 2015 : Gold for Hublot Ambassador

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Usain Bolt ! “Lightning Bolt” claims third world championship. The 9th gold medal in his carreer!

Hublot is very proud to congratulate Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, who just won the 100-meter race at the 2015 IAAF World Championships yesterday in Beijing. What a race ! The 29-year-old Jamaican sprinter locked up to the gold medal on the track where he first became Olympic champion seven years ago. He narrowly beat rival Justin Gatlin, finishing the race with his best time of the season : 9.79 seconds. The Jamaican star is the man who breaks records on the athletics tracks : with this 9th gold medal, he is now the most titled athlete in the history IAAF World Championships.

He has been warmly congratulated by Hublot ambassador Lang Lang, who was there to encourage the Jamaican sprinter during the race.

Before participating in the competition, Usain Bolt visited the Hublot boutique in Beijing, greeted by the Hublot team who presented him a cake with the logo of Big Bang 10 Years, to celebrate a double anniversary: Usain Bolt’s 29th birthday as well as Hublot’s iconic Big Bang 10th anniversary.

Usain Bolt has been a Hublot ambassador since 2010. His watch, the King Power Usain Bolt, was launched in 2012. Hublot has always been dedicated to accurate timekeeping to each and every minute and second, while this 1.96-meter tall athletic true champion broke many world record, even the speed limit of human being. He is the best living evidence of “to be first, be unique and be different”.