La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont-Blanc on Hublot time!

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This legendary sled dog race is renowned for being the most difficult in the world due to the challenging mountainous terrain it crosses. Expect wild, stretching expanses and an extraordinary adventure. Hublot is both very proud and pleased to be named the Official Partner of the famous Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont-Blanc 2015.

From 10th to 21st January, La Grande Odyssée will explore the 20 ski resorts in Savoies, France. Its 1,000 kilometres and 25,000 metres of elevation gain promise an extraordinary sight.

Since this is a race, time is of the essence. Time is key. Required to manage effort and rhythm, the measurement of time is extremely important for the world's best mushers, who will be in attendance with their dogs.

It was a natural decision for Hublot to support and become a partner of La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont-Blanc. Renowned both in Switzerland and around the globe as a watchmaking manufacture deeply committed to Swiss values, Swiss tradition and Swiss quality, Hublot does not just play a role in the development of the art of watchmaking and the inherited expertise of our culture. The company – as an ambassador for Swiss heritage across the world – has chosen to support and promote traditional values, which naturally include a fondness for the mountains, the harmony between humans and nature, the authenticity of endeavour, team spirit and solidarity with the greatest respect for tradition.