29 January 2024


SPIRIT OF BIG BANG 32 mm Jewellery

The Spirit of Jewellery

Watchmaking and jewellery collide to create an enchanting match. Master gemsetters have worked their magic on these six 32-mm cases, enveloping them in light or transforming them into rainbows. These pieces are crafted in King Gold – the Manufacture's 18K gold alloy, warmer than 5N gold – or stainless steel. Hublot has channelled its avant-garde and unconventional approach to create these stunning variations with a feminine touch. With these fully-set Spirit of Big Bang Jewellery pieces, draped in their precious finery, time becomes incandescent. The slim design embodies a feminine spirit which enhances the brilliance of its setting. The character of the Big Bang is fused with the sophistication of the gemstones, transforming the Spirit of Big Bang into a sparkling piece of jewellery.

“Our watches are designed to open their hearts to you, and in so doing they light a spark of joy in yours. Jewellery or watch... now there is no need to choose! Originally created at the dawn of the 20th century, the ladies' watch now becomes a true piece of jewellery for the wrist. Since 2007, we have created a gem-set model each year. What motivates us? Above all, passion! We value innovation, breaking new ground, creating exceptional pieces… And the Spirit of Big Bang 32 mm Jewellery embodies this. These full-set pieces showcase our jewellers' perfect mastery and excellent craftsmanship, from the meticulous selection of the gemstones to their exquisite setting. Achieving aesthetic and technical feats, and mastering the highest level of precision is an art which we practise every day and which we cultivate at Hublot with unwavering enthusiasm.”



Sparkling purity

The 27,782 facets of its 479 brilliant-cut diamonds set the Spirit of Big Bang Jewellery Steel or King Gold aflame with the undying light of a thousand stars. The splendour of each gemstone echoes that of its neighbours, with the middle cases, bezels and dials lit up with a symphony of light totalling 2.1 carats. True to its bold approach, Hublot has paired the pure white of this piece with a material which is dear to the brand: white or black lined natural rubber.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold & Steel White Full Pave
Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold & Steel Full Pave

Resplendent rainbows

Elusive, fleeting, ephemeral this celestial phenomenon disappears when the sun is hidden. It is recreated on the Spirit of Big Bang Jewellery Rainbow, where 493 gemstones reveal a resplendent rainbow, featuring 58 rectangular baguette-cut gemstones set around the bezel. This cameo of subtle shades exudes an understated elegance in the steel version, with its richness accentuated in King Gold. This bright colour palette also extends along the leather straps.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Rainbow

The Spirit of Big Bang

The Spirit of Big Bang combines the Big Bang design and the brand's unique expertise in a tonneau-shaped watch. The piece features six H-shaped titanium screws, the self-winding movement, the unique "sandwich" case construction which enables an unlimited number of combinations and materials, and comfortable interchangeable straps featuring a deployant buckle. These endless possibilities truly celebrate the art of fusion.