Ethical commitment



HUBLOT is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an organization gathering more than 260 professionals worldwide committed to the protection of ethics, human rights, social rights and good environmental practices throughout the chain of gold and diamond production, from mines to retail trade. The Council has developed the RJC system, a certification process which applies to all member companies which participate in the logistics chain of gold and diamond jewelry. In order to obtain Certified Member status in the RJC system, all Commercial Members must undergo an audit by third-party auditors who are accredited to assess their adherence to the RJC’s Code of Practices.



The Kimberley Process is an international certification system created to prevent the trade of “conflict diamonds” (also known as “blood diamonds”). Launched in 2003, it seeks to ensure that the sale of diamonds does not contribute to the funding of armed conflicts, imposing strict requirements on participants, in particular governmental supervision on the import and export of uncut diamonds, and full traceability from the mine to marketplace.



This policy confirms HUBLOT S.A.'s dedication to upholding human rights, refraining from supporting conflict financing, and adhering to all relevant laws, United Nations resolutions, and international sanctions.



HUBLOT ensures that the conduct of its activities respects the rights of individuals and fosters the ongoing improvement of public and social health conditions, which are essential to the development and protection of people's rights.


HUBLOT is committed to maintaining its vigilance in detecting potential negative consequences, whether direct or indirect, arising of its activities on society in order to prevent or, if necessary, addressing these consequences.


HUBLOT respects and promotes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and adheres to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as well as the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles. Within its sphere of influence, HUBLOT supports the values, freedoms and fundamental rights promoted in these documents.


Yellow gold

Hublot encourages open communication and dialog within its business and with its external stakeholders (partners, clients). Any Hublot employee or external stakeholder becoming aware of a violation of the Codes of Conduct, internal guidelines, principles and policies and/or applicable laws and regulations is invited to share their concerns and/or seek advice.



As a proud member of LVMH, HUBLOT fully embodies the principles and values that define our group. We share a common vision of the ethics, integrity and responsibility that shape all our actions and commitments. This harmony reflects our determination to not only achieve excellence, but also a deep sense of social and environmental responsibility. The LVMH Code of Conduct is the foundation of our ethical commitment. It symbolizes our commitment to responsible and ethical business conduct, guiding every Hublot employee in the performance of their duties. Structured around three fundamental pillars—to be a socially committed group, a responsible employer and a company with integrity—this code is a compass that guides all our daily actions. It's essential for us that this charter is accessible to everyone. That's why our Code of Conduct is available in 19 languages, reflecting the importance of inclusion and mutual understanding within our diverse organization.



Working towards an Ethical Value Chain: Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers Hublot's commitment to ethical and responsible practices extends well beyond our internal operations. We ensure that our suppliers and business partners share our fundamental principles, as outlined in the LVMH Supplier Code of Conduct. This compliance requirement ensures that our ethical standards are applied throughout our value chain, guaranteeing unfailing integrity in all our interactions.


Green box

At Hublot, our watches have always been fused with materials from the earth. From now on, the cases that accompany them will feature a natural, living, noble, sustainable and recyclable material: wood. A virtuous circle, an eco-friendly approach with the use of Oak wood that promotes short supply chains from its origin to its production. Cases with 98% eco-friendly components, incorporating recycled plastic and PET fabrics and threads, and recycled paper and cardboard with eco-sustainability labels. These boxes are recyclable from their material to their use, and can even be upcycled into timeless, decorative or multi-purpose objects. Their name is Green Box. The first 40,000 boxes will accompany the watches in our core collection.

These boxes are made from 98% eco-friendly components. The interior of the box where fabric and threads are made from recycled plastic and PET. Recycled paper and cardboard complying with PEFC and FSC labels. Production and manufacturing aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by controlling energy consumption, optimizing supply, production and transport phases, and recycling bark, sawdust and shavings.


The inside features the H-shaped insert crafted from Oak wood with a removable watch cushion at its center. The clean, simple lines and discreet logo of the Greenbox boxes allow them to be transformed into decorative objects, pocket trays or multi-purpose objects, once the insert is removed. Serving various functions with a single design.


From the wood to the object itself, Greenbox is a project conceived with the utmost respect for Nature in mind.


*Our timepieces will be delivered with the wooden box from December 2024*