27 March 2023



The spirit of fusion goes full throttle at Hublot! This new Big Bang unites a micro-rotor tourbillon manufactured in-house with an
ultra-lightweight, robust carbon fibre and Texalium case and a seamlessly integrated strap. Haute Horlogerie infused with
ground-breaking technology.


Fusion is at the heart of Hublot’s philosophy, not only of materials but in all aspects of its watchmaking art. For more than two decades, the philosophy of Hublot's Nyon-based manufacture has extended to every aspect of contemporary watchmaking: fusing materials, finishes, designs, colours, alloys, techniques and aesthetics. As illustrated in the new Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon.

This limited edition model, with only 50 pieces issued, fuses traditional Fine Watchmaking with Hublot’s cutting-edge spirit. To begin, the watch comprises two genuine complications: the tourbillon and the micro-rotor.


To some, the latter is not a true complication, but with its skeleton structure, three days of full power reserve and 100% Hublot in-house manufacture – it becomes undeniable. As for the tourbillon, Hublot has designed it to be skeletonized and suspended, integrated within a bottom plate doted with transparent sapphire bridges

“The Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon embodies Hublot’s mastery of materials, more specifically, carbon fibre and Texalium. Fusing tradition and innovation, we created a tourbillon movement housed in a carbon fibre and Texalium case, offering incredible resistance yet weighing just 68 grams, with an ultra-comfortable integrated strap. We are redefining the rules of contemporary watchmaking by offering unique and innovative materials and designs.”



The strap alone also merits being seen as a complication—especially considering its construction. It was designed, manufactured and assembled in-house in order to meet two objectives. Firstly, it is a featherweight 26 grams, making it one of the lightest straps available today. Secondly, it is supremely comfortable thanks to a perfect integration with the case, but also because of the links exclusively designed for this model. Each link is individually machined and finished to achieve the perfect surface quality—a real challenge with composite materials like Texalium and carbon fibre, as each element responds differently to cutting, machining and chamfering.


The new Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon watch has been brought to life with the successful fusion of these materials. Its movement is inserted in a carbon fibre case that is 43 mm in diameter, which has two major advantages: resistance and ultra-lightness. By using this construction, the watch head (case and calibre, without the strap) weighs just 42 grams, meaning Hublot can break free from the notion that a robust watch equates to a heavy watch, with their perfectly ergonomic integrated strap.


Being lightweight is one thing, but performing well when subjected to everyday wear and tear or scratches is another. To provide (almost eternal) peace of mind for the new Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon, Hublot has covered the casing with Texalium, another new fusion of materials combining a fibreglass core with a thin top layer of aluminium. The fibreglass is integrated in a special resin to provide impact resistance, while the aluminium is 99.99% pure and scratch-resistant. All together it weighs approximately as much as a “full carbon” case.


And finally, let’s not forget the aesthetic and technical fusion. The Hublot Manufacture is 100% integrated and masters every aspect of fabrication. Each piece is drawn, designed, manufactured and assembled in-house, with no limitations, so Hublot can harmonise the casing and movement, right down to the smallest of details.


The Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon is the best example of this. Bringing together the interwoven nature of carbon fibre and Texalium with the HUB6035 Manufacture Calibre, Hublot created an exclusive openwork back plate for this piece. The permeable structure emerges behind the watch’s components. It allows light to penetrate to the heart of the movement, strengthening the cohesion between aesthetics and technique, while also recalling the interlaced nature of the materials and the exclusivity of the piece—the only one in the world with a monobloc component of this kind.


Each piece will be individually numbered and have all the attributes of the iconic Big Bang: integrated strap (100% carbon fibre, protected by Texalium), crown with rubber insert, two side lugs to protect the case, six iconic functional screws on the bezel and the double sapphire crystal (face and back) with anti-reflective treatment.