13 январь 2019


Big Bang Unico King Gold Pavé 42mm on blue velvet
Big Bang Unico King Gold Pavé 42mm on blue velvet

Elegant, minimalist and refined, the Big Bang 42 mm is dressed all in white for a relaxed and timeless look. Its size and colour make it equally at home in men's or women's wardrobe. Who will wear it today?


In 2018, Hublot launched the Big Bang Unico 42 mm, a new diameter that opened up the world of unisex watches to the brand. This diameter was made possible thanks to the second version of the brand's UNICO proprietary manufacture movement, the calibre HUB1280, which is protected by four patents. The movement is just 6.75 mm thick, allowing for a thinner case measuring 14.5 mm. 


Dressed entirely in white, a symbol of unity and harmony and the perfect match for any colour, the Big Bang Unico 42 White is a neutral and timeless addition to any wardrobe. All the most iconic and timeless pieces in your wardrobe are white – Converse and Stan Smith, slim fits and jeans, shirts and T-shirts, dresses and even a tuxedo. An ultra-elegant white; relaxed and understated. An immaculate colour available in a polished/satin-finished version with a bezel set with 126 diamonds (approx. 1.1 ct.), or fully paved with 296 diamonds (approx. 1.9 ct) on a white lined structured rubber strap. One watch, six versions — in King Gold or titanium — to be boldly paired with any colour for limitless appeal.

Big Bang Unico King Gold White 42mm - front views
Trio of Big Bang Unico King Gold White 42mm - front views
HUB1280 – UNICO proprietary manufacture movement – V2

Inherited from its predecessor, the HUB1242 UNICO movement:

Its double clutch chronograph mechanism

Its column wheel visible from the dial

Its 30 mm diameter

Its 72-hour power reserve

How it differs from its predecessor:

Removal of its platform

Its new, thinner automatic winding system

1.3 mm thinner (6.75 mm compared to 8.05 mm)

Its fully redesigned architecture to facilitate assembly and improve its operation

Its technical innovations (4 patents): oscillating seconds clutch, chronograph friction system with ball bearing adjustment

Its double ball bearing reverser, which replaces the Pellaton type automatic winding system

Its additional 24 components, taking the total to 354, and its 43 jewels compared to 38

Эксклюзивно в бутиках и онлайн

Прилагается дополнительное комплексное обслуживание Hublot.

Комплексное обслуживание Hublot гарантирует точный ход наших исключительных часов.

технические характеристики





42 мм


Сатинированный и полированный титан


Сатинированный и полированный титан, 6 H-образных титановых винтов


100 м или 10 АТМ


Сапфировое, с антибликовым покрытием


Матовый белый циферблат



HUB1280, мануфактурный автоматический механизм хронографа UNICO с функцией Flyback и колонным колесом

запас хода

72 часа

ремешок/ браслет и застежка

ремешок/ браслет

Фактурный ремешок из белого каучука с подкладкой


Раскладывающаяся застежка из титана