22 September 2020



In September 2020, luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot welcomes three Michelin star chef Paul Pairet in the Hublot family. Born and trained in France, for years, the chef has won numerous awards in the global gastronomy world for his highly personal and original cuisine. He rejected the rigid culinary convention to constantly challenge possibilities in food forms to create unique and sophisticated culinary artworks and experience, and perfectly embodies the values so dear to Hublot: passion, excellence and creativity.


Always true to its philosophy to "Be First, Different and Unique", Hublot has been boldly exploring cutting-edge expertise, while preserving traditional Swiss watchmaking. It has been constantly challenging the limits of traditional watchmaking and concepts to create futuristic masterpieces with peerless craftsmanship and avant-garde design so as to underscore its daring pioneering spirit. Likewise, Paul Pairet enjoys deep respect in the global gastronomy industry for his fearless, unconventional and innovative spirit. He has revolutionized traditional ways in playing on texture and temperature of ingredients, producing unique and tasty cuisine with his highly skillful and gorgeous techniques. He achieved the Lifetime Achievement Award by 2013 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants,  Restaurateur of the Year by Les Grandes Tables du Monde in 2018, and the 50 most influential French people in the world by 2019 Vanity Fair France . For years, his creative flair, daring experimentation and inspired dishes continue to influence chefs and the gastronomy industry around the world.

“Hublot shares lots of values with chef Paul Pairet. From his distinctive and unique interpretation of ingredients to his daring challenge to the traditional gastronomic experience, Paul's passion and dedication to the culinary art fully express the watchmaking spirit that Hublot has always adhered to. Feeling Paul's extraordinary influence on and great contribution to the global gastronomy industry, we are delighted to welcome him to the Hublot family and looking forward to create unique pioneering artworks with him.”

Ricardo Guadalupe

Hublot CEO


“Cooking food is a process of balancing different kinds of ingredients, while making good dishes not only needs to pay attention to the combination of ingredients, but also integrates the highly innovative ideas of chefs, so as to refelect their own thoughts and aesthetics in the food. This is a process of artistic expression, which echoes the ‘Art of Fusion’ spirit of Hublot. It can be said that there is a tacit undersanding between me and Hublot, thus it’s my pleasure to join the Hublot family.”

Paul Pairet

3 Michelin star chef

Paul Pairet runs three restaurants of different natures in Shanghai: Popular modern French eatery "Mr & Mrs Bund", casual chic French café "Polux", and innovative and avant-garde three-Michelin-starred "Ultraviolet". Supported by sensorial technologies, he leverages a clever fusion of visual, aural and olfactory elements to build Ultraviolet into a world-renowned destination for gastronomic experiences. This coincidentally illustrates Hublot's brand philosophy - "Art of Fusion". Since its establishment in 1980, Hublot has pioneered with the fusion of precious metal and rubber straps in the watchmaking industry. The brand then continued to break through with fusion of materials, industries and spirits to carry out bold innovation, shaping a new future from creativity and renaissance for constant creation of unique watches. The collaboration between Hublot and Paul Pairet is bound to spark new inspiration and creativity, inspiring unique art of fusion.