3 October 2019


Yannick Alléno, Ricardo Guadalupe & Andreas Caminada
Yannick Alléno, Ricardo Guadalupe & Andreas Caminada
Two 3-star chefs take to the kitchen to celebrate the Art of Fusion

Skilfully combining elements considered to be incongruous, whether inherently or by convention, is integral to the Art of Fusion. Hublot, the bold pioneer of this art in the world of fine watchmaking, celebrated this concept by organising a veritable culinary journey led by two leading lights, Yannick Alléno and Andreas Caminada, assisted by Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. These chefs, fusing ingredients to constantly reinvent the art of fine dining, embarked on a quest to discover absolute perfection, offering guests a unique taste experience in tribute to the Art of Fusion.

“Everything you can imagine is real; so how do you go about teaching them something new? By mixing what they know with what they don't know. This statement from Picasso clearly illustrates the philosophy that guides Hublot and our friends: the Art of Fusion makes the inconceivable possible, striking a fine balance between innovation and tradition, with more than a hint of audacity.”

Ricardo Guadalupe

CEO OF Hublot

Yannick Alléno & Andreas Caminada
Yannick Alléno & Andreas Caminada
First-class dialogue

Choosing a distinguished partner to celebrate the Art of Fusion alongside Hublot was vital. Meticulous expertise and a passion for fine artistry are the ingredients of both gourmet cuisine and Haute Horlogerie, blended together with time, and an aesthetic sensibility born from close attention to detail. Not to mention the very finest materials, naturally: Magic Gold, sapphire, rubber and ceramic for Hublot and exceptional produce for Yannick Alléno and Andreas Caminada, two 3 Michelin star chefs.

A symphony of excellence

Passion, excellence, and commitment define these two chefs, masters of the art of creative Haute Cuisine, brought together for this exclusive live cooking event. Yannick Alléno, a Parisian chef twice awarded three stars, created a lobster dish. If you needed reminding, he is a master of reinventing classic French cuisine through his innovative methods. Techniques, processes, expertise, respect for raw materials and a quest for the perfect flavour inform his perfectionist approach to cuisine.

Preserving the precious original flavours of the ingredients, Andreas Caminada masterfully plays with textures and senses. He won the Sustainable Restaurant Award for his commitment to using local and organic ingredients, renewable energy and recyclable materials. What drives him? Sharing the very essence of local produce in a simple yet authentic way. Personal expression is firmly anchored in the very best of each region. It was no surprise, therefore, that the Swiss 3-star chef opted to turn the humble cabbage into something entirely more sublime.

The Art of Fusion

Venturing into uncharted territory is second nature to Hublot, the first Haute Horlogerie manufacture to combine gold and rubber and the first luxury brand to partner with the world of football – one of the world's most universal languages. Since the best evenings always seem to feature sport, there was a particular emphasis on football and motor racing. Mini table football to foster on-the-spot alliances, Ferraris for lovers of mechanical prowess, and an exhibition of iconic collections and those resulting from these partnerships found favour with friends of the Brand, Michel Pont, Dario Cologna, customers and journalists. This memorable celebration took place in the gorgeous surroundings of the seven-hectare Enea Tree Museum park in Rapperswil, Switzerland, where over 50 trees – some more than a hundred years old – stand alongside sculptures by renowned artists, in a collection owned by the famous landscape architect Enzo Enea.