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Already a living legend, but still at the top of his game, Novak Djokovic has decided to join the great family of Hublot ambassadors.


He shares many similarities with the Swiss watchmaking company Hublot, not the least of which is the relentless pursuit of excellence and performance. This is a great source of pride for the Hublot teams, who welcome the man who proves himself day after day as the greatest tennis player of all time. Game, set and match for “Nole” and Hublot!

“As an athlete driven by the ambition to make history in tennis, I am particularly proud of the opportunity to join the Hublot family, which already boasts athletes who have left their mark on their respective disciplines by becoming legends like Kylian Mbappé or Usain Bolt. With Hublot, we still have so much to win, together!”

Novak Djokovic




Borna Ćorić - tennis player and Hublot Ambassador

“In life, there’s nothing worse than being ordinary.” His tattoo speaks volumes. At 17, he had the luxury of beating Raphael Nadal and Andy Murray, world number one and four respectively. He was also the youngest player to finish the same year in the Top 100 for whom he was awarded the ATP World Tour Rising Star. He continually works on his performance, individuality and uniqueness, all values of Hublot for which he has been an ambassador since 2015.

“I have always had a passion for watches and Hublot has always been my favourite brand, without question. It’s amazing to build a relationship with such a well-respected, first-class and cutting-edge brand at such a young age. Everything that Hublot stands for suits my personality perfectly and makes me feel so honored to be associated with a brand that has ambassadors such as José Mourinho and Usain Bolt. It’s a dream come true for me!”

Borna Ćorić