Lang Lang

Lang Lang by Hublot


Lang Lang

Lang Lang has conquered the musical world in its broadest sense like a real rock star. With his cool look, talent and generosity he goes beyond the world of classical music and fuses it with every rhythm. His renowned duets with the Four Horsemen from Metallica, Jazz man Herbie Hancock or the Tenor Plácido Domingo, demonstrate his unlimited mastery of his art and the ease with which he constantly reinvents it. His music is made up of improvisations. Lang Lang is impudent and loves to surprise. No repertoire is beyond him. He has had an outstanding career and is a phenomenon on stage. The world famous Chinese pianist has already won many prizes.

« I am delighted to be a Hublot Brand Ambassador, a brand honours tradition but also represents pioneering spirit and uniqueness. I found me and Hublot shares many personalities in common. »
Lang Lang


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