11 June 2019


F. Rovazzi, R. Guadalupe, C. Crescentini, D. Trezeguet
F. Rovazzi, R. Guadalupe, C. Crescentini, D. Trezeguet

Rome: The eternal city... Could there be a more fitting place for the Swiss creator of artisan timepieces to open its first boutique in the capital than right at its heart? Closed to the public for this unique event, the illustrious 18th century steps leading to the Piazza di Spagna provided an exception setting for the guests.

Since May, the iconic Piazza di Spagna has played host to an exceptional address, that of Hublot's fourth Italian boutique, following those in Milan, Porto Cervo and Capri. A sublime expression of the brand's signature codes, the boutique employs Hublot's new architectural concept, combining luxury with modernity, innovation with tradition. Inspired by the brand's philosophy of the "Art of Fusion", the boutique showcases high-end materials such as marble and ebony, pairing them with mirrors, glass and metal. The materials create a dialogue with one another and with their environment: The historical façade of the boutique which has been kept unchanged, and this square, charged with history, and boasting its iconic fountain and 18th century steps. Despite its urban accents, this showcase is designed to be warm and inviting. Set across 65 square metres, its gentle light and generous furnishings ensure Hublot's first boutique in Rome is the perfect cocoon for its customers. A true jewellery box.

It all started in Paris in 2007, when Hublot opened its first boutique in rue Saint-Honoré. Since then, the watch brand has continued to grow and develop, and now has a presence across the globe. Located in some of the finest streets and most prestigious districts in the world, the 96 Hublot boutiques are being continuously reinvented. Now that the spaces at 5th Avenue in New York, Place Vendôme in Paris, New Bond Street in London and Rue du Rhône in Geneva have been updated with Hublot's new architectural concept, it is the turn of the city of the seven hills to feature this new, exclusive design.